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House of Tech is the podcast where Canberra meets crypto, and politics meets tech. The Founder of Finder, Fred Schebesta, and Australian Senator Andrew Bragg, share a strong interest in innovation and the future of our economy, and this is a show where they will discuss the future of everything.

Fred drops by The Analytics Show with Jason Tan to talk about surviving the rise of cryptocurrency and the Metaverse in the Financial Industry. If you are a data professional in the banking industry interested in how cryptocurrency and the Metaverse will affect your work in the future, this is the episode you do not want to miss out on.

Fred chats with Andy Mai of The Flip Side podcast and shares his proven systems and strategies to help you succeed. With his famous straight chat and Go Live attitude, Fred will teach you how he breaks the mold, disrupts, and innovates. Be courageous. Get inspired. Have purpose. And live your best life.

Fred joins the CHILLIONAIRES (minus Azi who was completing a pottery course in Thailand) with Dutch the Rapper to talk about his Billion-Dollar Company, Crypto, NFTS and Chicken Burgers.

In this episode of Jarden: Talking Tech, Fred and Elise Kennedy discuss about the company, industry, competitive landscape, and strategies for growth.

Fred visits Enabling the World with Tech - Conversations with Prashant Gami and they talked all things business, technology, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and more.

Dion Guagliardo interviews Fred about how Finder raised $30 million in seed funding with a valuation of $600 million and what it takes to build a successful business.

Fred sat down with Val Matthews and Dale Foong on Project Chatter Podcast and it was awesome! No surprise there. They chatted about whether blockchain is scalable and useful when it comes to the improvement of project delivery and how play-to-earn has become the new revolution!

In this episode of From Zero, Fred shares with Adam Schwab about surviving on tinned pasta during the early days of the business, how he grew as a leader, pivoting the business and becoming one of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrency in Australia, and a global phenomenon. Listen and learn here.

Sachin Shah and Adam Miller went deep with Fred discussing human behaviour, space, how to find great ideas, the Metaverse and living a better life. Get ready for some conversations that will blow your mind on The Sachin and Adam Show!

Fred and Frankie Lee go in-depth to the early days of Finder and explore the current opportunities in crypto. This Frankie Lee podcast will open up your whole mind to the business side of things and how early we are in the crypto space. From failing 39 times before finding any success to accepting who you are and why it’s important to be yourself.

Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley of The Property Couch Podcast chats with Fred about the secrets on how he built a net worth of around $250 million!

Fred and Mark Bouris of The Mentor discuss honouring your commitment to business, take a deep dive into the cryptocurrency wormhole and why it might become the future of currency.

Fred sat down with Daniel Hakim, the CEO of the Club of United Business (CUB), and spoke about some of the principles that Fred follows which have attributed to his success, and he wrote about these in his new book “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launching a Global Empire.

Fred sits down with Naomi Simson for the Handpicked Podcast to ask her about her life as an author, how did she write, who did she write for, and most importantly why did she write a book. This is a great episode that is relevant to anyone who is going to launch a product – or perhaps is thinking about becoming an author.

In episode 1 of the Buy, Build, Sell Podcast, Fred talks to Simon Bedard about how he got into self-employment through to his first business sale, how and when Finder gained exponential traction and the growing pains that came with it, and how and when Fred knew it was time to step back from Finder’s daily projects and kickstart the businesses he’s actively involved with today.

In this compelling episode and candid interview with Jon Vidler of About Success 123, Fred tells us how he got where he is - and where he is going too. Fred's frankness and straight-talking is a tantalizing insight into how he helped build an empire.

Fred and Brendan Hill of Metigy Podcast discuss why your first business goal should be to make $1 of profit, how to show your employees that you care about them, and focusing on your strengths.

Sean Aylmer speaks to entrepreneur and Young Rich Lister Fred Schebesta about taking from an Australian comparison website to a global success story. Listen and learn here.

Glen Frost of The FinTech Report features Fred's passion for disruptive innovation and inspiring the startup community through sharing his success as a mentor, speaker, media commentator, and author.

Andrew Tran chats with Fred Schebesta for the Point of View Show. Fred is the epitome of entrepreneurialism. Fred’s latest venture, Schebesta Ventures, is about fulfilling his purpose of challenging and inspiring people to reach unimaginable success. Fred launched an online course teaching his system of developing business ideas, and a new book out soon!

Jamie and Sid, the boys of Defiant Talk, welcome Fred Schebesta- entrepreneur, tech genius, disruptor, cryptocurrency pioneer, and father. They talk about his journey in co-founding Finder, Australia's most popular comparison site with over 10 million visitors a month, starting from a single-page website. They also discuss being fearless in business, and the future of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Dexter Cousins chats to Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder of Finder and CEO of Schebesta Ventures, on the FinTech Australia Podcast. Fred talks us through the first 9 months, 100,000 users, and the upcoming launch of their crypto product. We also chat about Fred's newest venture, Schebesta Ventures, a programme where Fred shares his proven systems and strategies to help entrepreneurs realise their ideas and build successful businesses.

Mike Scott of How To Be Moderately Successful talks to Fred about being a force of energy and inspiration, a fierce cryptocurrency advocate, and how accessible he is to like-minded people.

Fred joins Sarah Holloway of Seize The Yay to share how his brain works overall churning through concepts, his keenly curious mind, which is no doubt responsible for his incredible achievements.

The Savvy Dentist's Dr. Jesse Green talks to Fred about where he started and how he succeeded in growing his million-dollar business. Their conversation revolves around Fred's involvement in the world of open banking, democratising banking, changing the way we do things. A true disruptor and true innovator he is.

In a very interesting conversation, Fred Schebesta spoke to Pramod Dhakal of Hitechies and shared his journey as an entrepreneur, challenges with COVID19, and some great tips for other entrepreneurs.

How committed are you to discovering who you are? In this volume, Ronsley Vaz, host of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, sits down with Fred as he defines entrepreneurship as the journey to “create an entity that didn’t exist before and is now brought to existence in a way that it eventually becomes self-sustaining”.

Fred sat down with Philip Muscatello of Shares for Beginners for a wide-ranging discussion about how the world has changed, investment trends, following the Founder Trading vs. Investing Lesson learnt on the floor of the NYSE, Cryptocurrencies Consumer Data Rights, and advice for investors just starting out.

Fred chats with Tony Skinner about staring at the future and placing bets on what that next set of innovations will be in this episode of Podcast My Business.

"You don't become a sailor in smooth seas," remarks Fred, while he's discussing the importance of being adaptive and accepting of change, challenges, and growth in this episode of Dream Job Ready.

The pandemic has placed demands on every aspect of business operations across the world, and the responsibility for managing these pressures and then communicating them inevitably lands on the CEO. So what has it been like leading through these unprecedented times, how has it changed the C-suites approach to communications, and what is it like launching a new product in the middle of the first global pandemic in 100 years? Join Fred Schebesta, founder of Finder, and co-hosts Mylan Vu and Shane Allison as they dive into the expected and unexpected challenges of leading through a pandemic.

Fred visited Brett Campbell of the Claxoncast Podcast to chat about business and entrepreneurship. How he started building websites for others, to building the Finder App, and how he wants Finder to be a phoenix instead of a unicorn. Interesting! Listen and learn.

Saving money and getting the best deal are at the forefront of everyone's mind right now. So In this episode, Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, talks to Fred about hopefully being able to inspire people to compare and save a little more and help you to change the way you live.

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews the Global Co-CEO of Finder, Fred Schebesta. Finder is on a mission to help people make better buying decisions with comparison tools, guides, and news, and their breakout growth story is one of constant reinvention. Fred wants Finder to be more than a unicorn, and to sustain growth long into the future.

Jon & Mel of Do you want salt with that? talks to Fred about how to save money in this time of recession.

Fred shares his thoughts on how you will learn how to save money, best practices for becoming financially free, how to compare financial options, why blockchain is changing the finance space, the future of cryptocurrency, and what investments will yield the best results in this episode of Meta Minds.

This week, Vee Globell of Techknowledgeables speaks to Fred as he describes the journey of entrepreneurs, the international growth of a startup, how the dot com era reflects the cryptocurrency landscape, and more.

Starting From Nothing's Katt Srinivasan features Fred Schebesta's journey on how he defeated a Google SEO misfortune of losing 80% of their traffic overnight, overhauling his business model to build an innovative comparison shopping service Finder, which is worth an estimated 1 billion dollars today. Also, get Fred's startup tips and a few of his incredible inspirational takeaways.

Fred visits The Startup Playbook Podcast with Rohit Bhargava to share insights on balancing data-driven decisions with gut feel, hiring for cultural fit and values, structuring growth strategies, building phoenix companies & much more!

Listen to Fred as he chats with Tommy Bui of The StressLess Entrepreneur on his journey to becoming the 22nd richest person in Australia under 40, rated by the Australian Financial Review. He also opens up on some of his previous and current struggles.

Ian Gardiner and Phaedon Stough of Open the Pod Bay Doors talk to Fred about his entrepreneurial journey from Freestyle Media to Finder. His observations and predictions for how life and business will change post-COVID, and how Finder is constantly reinventing itself to stay alive.

Fred talks about investing through Australia's recession on the 54th episode of the Power Passion Podcast.

Fred dials in to speak to Emily Jaksch of Purposely about Finder’s venture capital arm, Finder Ventures, which launched in 2018 and with it, launching, a cryptocurrency brokerage.

Hosted by media and PR veteran Justin Kelly, The Unicorns Podcast features Fred Schebesta on how COVID-19 has forced businesses to start again and innovate with purpose.

Catching Up With CUB's Daniel Hakim catches up with Fred Schebesta, the Co-Founder of Finder and an Australian icon of Entrepreneurship. With offices all over the world, Finder has always been a self-funded company and is now the most visited personal finance comparison website in Australia. Daniel and Fred speak about the early days of, the innovation within the business since, and how every business should constantly reinvent itself over time.

In this episode of Kerwin Rae's Unstoppable, Fred takes us through his entrepreneurial journey and details all the highs and lows of entrepreneurship especially in times of crisis all while trying to maintain a healthy personal life. Check it out now!

Dr. Amantha Imber talks to Fred about sleeping in segments, reminding himself he will die, and his go-to recruitment strategies.

Bryce & Alec of Equity Mates had a highly entertaining and colourful conversation with Fred from the Finder offices in Poland! Focused on Fred's entrepreneurial journey, from starting companies in university to being one of the richest young entrepreneurs in Australia. The conversation begins with an interesting story explaining why there is a samurai sword hanging outside the kitchen in the Finder office, and why there is a robotic handbag hanging next to it.

The Human Experience with Flic Manning features Fred and his entrepreneurship journey that started in a different business, eating tinned spaghetti to save money, and leading to his time in New York learning how to hustle at a whole other level. If you’re thinking of building a business, there is a lot of wisdom in this episode that you’ll surely love.

Fred drops by Small Biz Matters with Alexi Boyd to share his fascinating journey and what’s in store for Australia's success stories like Finder as they take the next global step.

Fred swings past for a chat with Clive Enever of Business Conversations to discuss how the Finder app will help people manage their finances, the process of creating an app that solves a real consumer problem, and advice for business owners who are looking to launch an app.

Fred dials in to join Influencers with Andy Serwer.

Samantha Dybac of Influence Unlocked asks about Fred's entrepreneurial journey as one interwoven with self-discovery and reinvention. Listen in to find out how hiring an emotional coach to get through his divorce highlighted issues for his role in the business, why he chooses to be a slow driver, and the business insights he has gleaned from his favourite burger joint, Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Fred swings past for a chat with Craig Harper of The You Project, to talk about his relationship with money, his parenting style, quarantine saving, trading time for money, self-awareness, the ‘you’ experience, and his three tips for starting a business. Enjoy!

Fred dials in to speak with John North of the Evolvepreneur Podcast about his goal to make Finder the ‘Amazon of Comparison’.

Fred catches up with Yaro Starak of the Yaro podcast for a chat about why he chose the entrepreneurial path and how he took Finder global. Check out the summary here.

Fred sits down with Greg Robinson of the No Limitations Podcast for a chat about start-up culture, the new Finder App, and the three key things that every entrepreneur should master. You can find a summary here.

Fred and Louisa talk about all things marketing on the Interactive Minds Podcast. Fred explains how he organises his time, embraces failure, and sets a clear vision for the future of Finder.

Fred and Ricardo from the Innovator Diaries talk in-depth about leadership and the challenge of being “ruthless with a heart”.

On the How to Money podcast, Fred speaks with host Kate about the details of open banking in Australia and how consumers can take control of their data to get a better deal.

Fred, Glen James, and John Pidgeon of my millennial money chatted everything about learning from business mistakes and mishaps, personal finance, his perspective on investment and value, achieving your dreams, and tackled some listener questions.

Fred swings past for a chat with Tim of The Make it Happen Show to talk about what it means to be a serial entrepreneur, the challenges of scaling culture, and taking Finder global.

Fred and Peter Switzer of The Switzer Show discuss the origin of Finder and what inspired Fred to launch, a cryptocurrency brokerage that traded $100 million in its first year.

Fred chats with Clayton from the XY podcast about Finder’s ‘direct to market’ business model, the challenges of catering to different consumer personalities, and the future of cryptocurrency.