Your #2021Challenge

Dec 23, 2020
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #6: Your #2021Challenge

I have a challenge for you. 

At this time of year, I take time out to think and read. Bill Gates calls them Think Weeks. The Microsoft cofounder secludes himself for 7 days, twice a year to read books and think about the world’s big ideas.

He’s come up with some of his best ideas on these Think Weeks.

Last year, my Think Week turned frightening when I couldn’t feel my arm. My right arm went numb and tingly and I thought I must be having a stroke, or worse, maybe it was a brain tumour. I went to doctors and they couldn’t figure out the cause. 

Luckily it wasn’t a tumor nor a stroke. It was due to stress. At that point in time, we had spent about $2 million and 18 months developing the most innovative money app and we were about to go live. 

I was working super hard and burnt out. It was like a panic attack. I needed to rest. After taking some time out, I came back with full clarity and a new set of goals. 


So here is your #2021Challenge:

I want you to write down 5 things you will stop and 5 things you will start in 2021. Share them with me in a comment below if you’re keen👇

This is A MUST if you want to hit 2021 out of the park. It works for me every year. It’s one of the strategies to reaching hyper success.

How to do a Think Week (or Think Day, however long or short you want)

  1. Block out time in your calendar and cancel meetings during that time
  2. Set some goals for what you want to achieve
  3. Plan what materials you will read or watch or listen to
  4. Take a notebook and document your thoughts, learnings, and ideas
  5. Exercise each day.


Ticker Ventures

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This week I spoke to Betsy Westcott, a Financial Wellness Coach who has a business idea but is not sure where to start.

Here are a few tips that I use to develop a business idea

Write down your vision: write your vision as a narrative. I like to use Amazon's method on how to write your narrative.

Define the business problem: talk to people including potential customers and experts and ask them about your idea. Use keyword research to understand the problem.

Build up to an MVP: make the most basic version of your product. Can you sell it before you make it? This is the best signal you can possibly get from a customer.

For the full segment click here.



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Podcast of the week: Fintech Australia Podcast with Dexter Cousins

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We talked about the explosion of cryptocurrency – bitcoin is now at a new record of over US$23,000 – and how the COVID-19 pandemic fueled the take-up.

I talked about our new feature coming in the Finder app where you will soon be able to buy and sell #bitcoin super easily in the app. This will transform the barriers to access Bitcoin.

With interest rates at record lows and so much volatility in stock markets around the world, I think there will be a cambrian explosion of yield products and we’re going to see a lot of innovation coming soon.

Check out the full episode here.



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Have a safe holiday and catch you in 2021! 🥳😷

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