You have 2 options: destructive mode or creative mode

Aug 26, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #38: You have 2 options: destructive mode or creative mode
  • Axie Infinity: the next wave of cryptocurrency is here!
  • Order your signed copy of my book: “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire”
  • But first, on Ticker Ventures: you have 2 options...


Last week, I spoke to Brandon Burns, who recently launched Torcht Productions, a production company that works with brands to create viral videos. While being hit with Melbourne’s latest COVID lockdown, Brandon was a little freaked out and asked me whether he should stick it out or go hard and pivot.

I told him he has 2 options: you can go into destructive mode, or you can go into creative mode.

At the start of any business or project, you’re investing your time into creating and learning. All the creations that you make will serve to be a jumping-off point for your future creations. 

This is going to be an investment of time and learning that you will be able to translate and turn into an incredible opportunity in the future. I told Brandon my submission to you is you're on the right path. That's the right journey to take and those learnings, and those creations you're making will become invaluable assets that you will share with other people in the future.

I also dropped my new song on the show! Check it out – here’s the link to the full episode.



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There’s a new trend in the crypto scene: online gaming. And one particular game is breaking the internet. 

It’s called Axie Infinity and it’s the hottest play-to-earn game that’s currently going on. It reportedly brought in $485 million in revenue since July and the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) token has increased 21,000% since it launched in November 2020. It’s the most expensive collection of NFTs on the planet!

Play-to-earn is the newest model for cryptocurrency, where people play in a game and can earn money.

Axie Infinity now has over one million people playing in the virtual world of Lunacia, where players can earn coins that can be cashed out by either winning battles or selling Axies. Later, token holders will be able to vote on new game features like other governance tokens.

The NFT space is big and it’s only going to get bigger. I’ll be bringing out more information about the space to keep you updated.



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I have started selling signed copies of my new book, “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire” on my website 

Here’s a bunch of really cool people who said some cool things about my book:

“There is nothing more boring than people who speak of their success as if it were a plan. But how human is it to read of someone driven by success and be motivated by failure … I haven’t enjoyed a book on business as I have reading this. Read Fred’s book and you too could look forward to many failures and one massive success that will make up for all of them.” John Singleton, Australia’s OG adman, entrepreneur

“It takes guts to start a business, it takes even more courage to tell people the truth about the journey. Fred captures the challenges of entrepreneurship and global aspirations in a frank and transparent way. If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be an entrepreneur ‘Go Live!’ is for you.” Naomi Simson, Founder of RedBalloon, Shark Tank Australia shark.

“Put your carry-on emotional baggage in the locker above your seat and set your biases to permanent flight mode. Prepare for take off on a fun, informative and brutally honest flight with one of the best in the business” Adam Spencer, MC, Author and Host of The Big Questions on PodcastOne

“Startups are the lifeblood of the private sector. And those brave enough to at least try need all the support and fresh ideas they can get. Fred’s book is simply bursting with smart tips and encouraging frameworks that are sure to enhance outcomes!” Andrew Banks, Entrepreneur, Evangelist, former Shark on Shark Tank Australia

"A Great leader is someone who can create other leaders. Fred defines this. His pure enthusiasm is inspirational, even to those who have already reached their success. His contribution to leadership, independence, and creativity is something we all should strive for." Brock Pierce, U.S. Presidential Candidate

“Fred Schebesta nails it in “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire.” As we say at Draper University, “Fail and fail again until I succeed.” Fred shows how a willingness to try things freely (and not wait for someone’s permission – who has never seen anything like it before) is a great recipe for making a startup successful.” Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates, DFJ and Draper University

“...For anyone who feels like they always have great ideas, but need that little nudge to get off the couch, Go Live! is the book for you … Fred's 10 principles will show you how making mistakes is part of the entrepreneurial journey. This is an inspiring book that challenges readers to step into their greatness, create their own rules and dare to take a chance on themselves.. Christie Whitehill, Founder, Director of 

Check out more reviews and info about my book here. I hope it gets you fired up to reach your next big success!




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