Why Companies Get Values So Wrong

Mar 11, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #14: Why Companies Get Values So Wrong
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When Frank and I started Finder, one of the first things we did was sit down and write our company values (check them out above 👆). When it was just Frank and I working on every single piece of the business idea, and we had a mountain of things to solve and build to get up and running, we focused on our values. This is where companies get it so wrong. 

I submit that it’s one of the key things to form from the very beginning.

Why? Because it sets the foundation for your culture and helps you to hire the right people who will uphold these values and make value-based decisions. 

I spoke about this on the Dream Job Ready Podcast with Dane Sharp. My tips on creating values that so companies get so wrong:

  • Write them down from the very beginning: include what each means and how they are used in your organization
  • Don’t make too many: keep your list to 5 max
  • Use them in your language lexicon: don’t just hang them on a wall, talk about them every day


Ticker Ventures: Finding a business partner

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In episode 7 of Ticker Ventures, I spoke to Paul Conyngham from JobLaunch who is on the hunt for a business partner. A partner can be an excellent move when launching a new business, especially when you find someone who is the opposite of you.

There are 3 key things I told Paul on how to go about finding the right partner:

  1. Get yourself a notepad
  2. Book a cabin in the wilderness or somewhere you can be isolated
  3. Write down your strengths and weaknesses

This will help you map out the qualities you’re looking for when searching for a partner.

Click here to watch this week’s episode.

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I shared this photo of my mother and I on Instagram on International Women’s Day this week. It was a key reminder to stop and think about all the incredible women in my life, especially my mum, Dr. Kerrie Meades. I am forever thankful for the wisdom, support, and values she has taught me that have helped me become who I am today.



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