Why Amazon started out bumpy

Apr 16, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #19: Why Amazon started out bumpy
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My chat with Lisa Teh on Ticker Ventures today is a common theme I see a lot from entrepreneurs: when am I ready to go live?

The truth is, if you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re launching you probably launched too late.

When Amazon first started, a customer ordered a rare book about birds. When it arrived from the supplier it had a big scratch on the front. Jeff Bezos rang the customer and offered him either a refund and he can keep the book, or he could wait a week for an undamaged copy.

This is a bumpy service. The book had a scratch. There was a delay. But the customer raved about their experience and how incredibly well Amazon was able to deal with the bumps.

Building your brand is about delivering on a promise that you will keep. It’s not about how bumpy it is at the beginning. Your first customers will be extremely comfortable with all the little bumps and broken things. They will expect them. In fact, they will miss them when you improve your product.

One of Finder’s core values is to Go Live! We have a bias to putting things live on the internet. Speed matters in business. I try to launch faster rather than later. I told Lisa that most of the things you’re stressing about probably aren’t important. What you actually need is the feedback from customers to understand what is important for the product that you’ve built and to start adapting and improving.

It’s not about the problems you’ve got, it’s how you deal with them. 


Permanent beta mode

When launching a new business, your first job is to get it to work. In the next version, you’ll get it right. And the third version you’ll get it really fast and efficient. Be permanently in beta mode and continuously test and improve until your product and your growth plateaus, that’s when you’re ready to take a big leap forward.

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I believe the one who wins is the one who refuses to give up. 

If you have hit a wall, if you have failed, if you have made a mistake, if you’re facing a challenge, take a deep breath and DON’T GIVE UP. 

You’ve got this 💪



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