What I learnt from 3 years sober

Aug 12, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #36: What I learnt from 3 years sober
  • Principle 4: Be the ultimate creative expression of yourself
  • What I learnt from 3 years of sobriety
  • But first, my book hit #1 Amazon bestseller 🤯
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On Tuesday morning I woke up to a Number 1 Amazon Best Seller for Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire. But it didn’t go quite to plan...

It took me 10 years to publish this book, about a year of planning, recording, and writing. It was one of my 2021 goals so I knew it would happen. And it finally did last week.

And then it exploded.

And so did Amazon.

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As the new wave of COVID-19 Delta has forced many of us in Australia into lockdown, postal and warehousing logistics are being strained with more safety precautions, fewer staff, and higher demand for online sales. This caused Amazon’s warehouses to be backed up and they couldn’t get their books out fast enough, according to my sources.

Every time they replenished their stock, it was gone again, leaving people confused why a brand new book was unavailable in its first week!

If you tried to order a book and got stuck, I’m very sorry! The good news is that stock levels are back and you will receive your orders soon.

The book is about the challenges of failing, growing up with your business, expanding with no funding, the highs and lows, and lessons along the way. It’s raw, I hope it’s inspiring and helps you take that leap to GO LIVE in whatever you want to achieve.

You can order it on Amazon and Booktopia in Australia, and click here to order it on Amazon from everywhere else in the world! 🌎



Last week marked a special day for me because it’s been 3 years without alcohol.

I’ve never been a big drinker but I wanted to give it up completely in my pursuit for hyper success.

Three years later and I’m so glad I made that decision. 

I’ve leveraged it to do more of the things I want to do: spend time with my family, learn new things, build some incredible businesses, exercise and rest.

My biggest learning was the power of my own mental strength and the physical improvement to my health. I stopped feeling dehydrated after a night out. I stopped feeling tired the next day. And I also stopped wasting my time on recovering.

It’s an internal continued commitment to myself and I’ll never turn back.

What is something you can stop right now that would lead to being more productive?


⚡️ PRINCIPLE 4: ⚡️


I believe we’re all born with superpowers. We have intrinsic gifts that give us an edge over everyone else if we tune into it.

The problem is, we don’t always know it.

My superpower is creation. I wrote about this in my Yahoo Finance blog recently. I manifest an idea, create a vision and curate a team to make it happen. Once everything is underway that’s my queue to exit stage-right – I’m not good at the management and details of the process.

And that’s fine.

Part of knowing your superpower allows you to identify the stuff that isn’t in your wheelhouse: your weaknesses. This applies if you’re an entrepreneur running your own business or if you work inside a company.

Over the years I’ve done a whole lot of introspection to identify both my strengths and weaknesses and doing this has helped me find my success. And it can help you too.

This is part of Principle 4 of my book, “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire”. Principle 4 is: Be the ultimate creative expression of yourself. This is the unlock to developing your mastery.

So how do you find your superpower?

Here are four key hacks to identify and develop yours.

1. Know what drives you

Finding your superpower is going to be a real struggle if you’re not doing something you love. 

Think about the last time you were working on a project of any kind. What were the parts of the project you gravitated towards? And what did you want no part of? What you love to do is usually where you’ll find what you’re extremely good at.

2. Find people who complement your strengths

When you’re working out what your strengths and weaknesses are, take a look around you and find a person (or people) who complement your strengths. Connect and network with people who have greater skills and abilities that you don’t have.

For me, I found this in my business partner, Frank Restuccia. Without Frank, there’d be no Finder, and for that matter, there’d be no Fred. If you can find people that fill the gaps of what you’re weakest at, you have a much better chance of achieving everything you want to achieve.

3. Don’t do things you're not good at

It’s common to focus on your weaknesses and try to improve what you’re not good at. But I submit to you to try doing the opposite and focus purely on your strengths

This is often where many people stumble. At this point, you know what you’re good at and you’ve surrounded yourself with people who you can learn from. It will empower people around you to do their best work while you can focus on what you’re good at.

4. Don’t be the limiting factor in your growth

Once you have identified your superpower, it’s important to fully embrace it. Keep developing and building on top of your strengths. Study it, learn from others who also share the same superpower as you, and immerse yourself in that field.

Become obsessed with mastering your craft. If you don’t continue to learn and grow your mastery, you will become the limiting factor in your growth and your business.




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