Dec 08, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #49: WHAT TO DO WITH $30 MILLION
  • Project Chatter Podcast: why most projects shouldn’t use blockchain
  • New project: NFT gaming platform Balthazar!
  • Insta Inspo: Manufactured serendipity
  • But first: What to do with $30 million…
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After 15 years of bootstrapping Finder on our own, expanding internationally and evolving into a fintech app, we have finally decided it’s time to take on investors and accelerate towards our mission of helping everyone all over the world save money and build wealth.

We raised $30 million which implies a pre-money $650 million valuation.

It starts a brand new chapter for us, to deploy $30 million to where it can make the most impact in the world.

We’ve just launched Finder Earn in Australia, where you can receive 4.01% return on your capital. And we’re working hard to roll out the Finder app – including this brand new offering – to the US and UK real soon.

There are so many exciting innovations coming in the fintech space and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s to come.



I had an interesting chat with Val Matthews and Dale Foong on Project Chatter Podcast. I shared how I began coding websites inside my university dorm room, and the relentless commitment to push forward and build an empire. (I wrote a book about it!)

We talked about blockchain, what it is, and my thoughts on how it's used in project spaces. In my opinion, I don't think most projects should use blockchain. But the power of databases is so under-recognised. In most projects, blockchain is expensive, relatively slow, cumbersome, emerging, and not ready. Whereas a database is cheaper and has more developers in that ecosystem. But hey, that's just me. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Catch the full episode here.



Earlier this year, I came across an exploding new market where people were earning real money through NFT-based video games. I saw the growing popularity of these games, such as Axie Infinity (I even wrote about it in a previous newsletter!) and how it was generating a new use case for cryptocurrency. And I also saw the rise in value of these NFTs, and the high costs were blocking people from being able to play the games.

I saw an opportunity to launch an NFT gaming platform that could invest in these NFTs and lend them to people to play these games. And I had the perfect person in mind who could steer the ship as CEO: my fellow Aussie, OG gamer and marketing guru, John Stefanidis. 

I hit up John with this idea and the next day, Balthazar was born. In just 2 months we have 1,000 scholars playing Axie Infinity with another 30,000 on the waitlist, and we’re building an incredible platform.

Right now, play-to-earn is the hottest space in crypto. It’s giving people an opportunity to make money from playing games while also offering a new way to earn money from renting out your NFTs and staking.

A digital industrial revolution is coming. It’s time to get on board!



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Manufactured serendipity is about connecting the random dots that you didn’t realise were connected.

It’s about treading your own path, living outside of your comfort zone, saying YES to things you would normally say no to, and it’s Principle 4 in my new book “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire” 🚀

I wrote about some key moments of manufacturing serendipity, which led to things I never imagined would happen. And I also share some cool stories from other successful founders and the serendipity they manufactured that became a major impact on their success.

It’s never too late to embrace this mindset in your life. You never know where it could lead.

I have some signed copies still available on my website! 

To your greatest GO LIVE!




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