Welcome to the 3rd Weekly! πŸš€

Dec 03, 2020
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #3: Welcome to the 3rd Weekly! πŸš€

Happy Friday! 

I have ONE request for you to do this week: ask yourself, what are you 10x better at than anyone else? πŸ€”

What are you passionate about? What can you do all day and all night and forget to eat, don’t want to sleep, because you just want to keep going because you love it sooo much?

This is your superpower. This is what makes you amazing. And this is how you can transform your life into hyper success.

I’ve been on a journey for hyper success for the past five years, and it wasn’t until I focused on my superpowers when I unlocked so much potential.

When Finder Australia grew from a small to a medium-sized company, I was taking on too many areas of the business. Areas that I wasn’t passionate about and weren’t very good at running. I was overcome with fear and became very destructive.

I went deep down a path of self-discovery and realised my passion was in startups. That super volatile and uncomfortable phase of just starting out and not knowing where this is going to lead or what direction it will take. And all the challenges and learning that come with developing a new idea. I love this phase. It’s so beautiful.

That’s why I started Finder Ventures almost 3 years ago and I've finally found my place where I can grow and succeed.

Whatever your superpower is, make some time every single day to go deeper. Even if it’s just 10 minutes reading one article, watching one video, joining a community, listening to a podcast. The more you can immerse yourself in your passion, the faster you will reach hyper success. πŸš€


Podcast of the week: Catching up with CUB

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Earlier this year I caught up with Daniel Hakim from the Club of United Business (CUB) for his podcast Catching up with CUB.

We discussed disruption, domain names, and growth.

When we started Credit Card Finder back in 2006, we wanted to use the most popular search term in Google. Back then it was all in the name when it comes to optimising your website for Google. And the name of your business and how people will find it is still so important to consider.

We talked about my theory on continuously reinventing your business to continue to grow.

Back when this interview was filmed in May 2020, the internet was in complete chaos. I spoke about how Google and other e-commerce sites couldn't keep up with the changes to business listings and how we adapted to help people searching for things.

I went deep down a rabbit hole of online consumer behaviour and we built some incredible new products and services during COVID-19 like Verified by Finder and listings of products.

It has certainly been an incredible journey of survival, opportunities, and adaptation in a crazy time that we may never experience again in our lifetimes. It's something I will never take for granted.

Check it out here.



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