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Feb 18, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #11: Want to grow your audience?


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Meggie Palmer is a dynamite entrepreneur. She’s shooting rockets across the world on a mission to close the gender pay gap, with the PepTalkHer app, workshops, and programs.

Meggie was my guest on Ticker Ventures today, and she asked me how to grow organic traffic to her website. The goal: 4-fold traffic by the end of the year.

I’ve built a few websites in my time so this question was right up my alley.

I have a formula I use at the very beginning of building websites and I share it on this episode.

Step 1: identify roles and responsibilities

Meggie is bootstrapping this startup, which means she has a lean team and there’s no full-time CMO. For a startup founder, if you don’t have someone dedicated to a role, you need to take on that role. 

When I think of starting a business, the founder can be the one playing all the instruments at once. The “one-man-band” can be tricky and you need to get skilled up quickly in some areas.

You need to know who’s responsible for each area of your business and work out who’s doing what.

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Step 2: Give people a reason to come to your site

It's easy to get lots of traffic. But getting quality traffic is better than quantity.

You need a reason to give people to come to your site. What's an incredible piece of content that you can share with them? For Meggie, it could be a salary quiz with insights or the 5-Day Challenge.

Step 3: Create a content wheel

Once you’ve published your first asset, create another one. By creating a wheel of content it keeps bringing people back to your website.

Step 4: Ongoing dialogue

Try and find some ongoing dialogue with your audience such as an email list and add links back to sources of content to your website. It's these small pieces that add value to people's lives, give your brand credibility, and converts into customers.


The 5 beliefs that almost stole my success



I didn’t realize I was telling myself these things all the time. These things inhibited and stole a lot of my potential.

I want to share them with you. Do you ever find yourself telling yourself these things?

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. I’m not worthy of success
  3. I am alone
  4. I am a failure
  5. I’m a disappointment

The truth is, these beliefs aren’t true.

If you’re telling yourself these things, or other negative thoughts, it’s time to flip that switch. It could be the thing that’s limiting your potential to succeed.

Watch this video to find out how I overcame these beliefs.

If you’re ready to flip your switch and start your business idea or side hustle, I have an online course for you.


Go Live! With Fred Schebesta: How to Develop Your Business Idea

In this 6-step online course, I will teach you how I develop business ideas. I’ll share with you my strategies, formulas, and templates that I always use to build successful companies.

Each step includes a 30-minute video, and a worksheet full of resources, case studies, and links to incredible stories that will inspire you to Go Live! There’s also a bonus case study interview and a challenge to do in each step to help you take action and Go Live!

Here’s an outline of each step:

Step 1: The Entrepreneur Mindset

This is all about growing your confidence to Go Live with your business idea. I share my rules on building a growth mindset and set your first challenge, something that I personally commit to at the start of every year.

Step 2: How to Come Up with an Idea

This step is all about discovery. You’re building out your strategy while taking a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Step 3: How to Determine if it's a Good Idea

The ideation step is about how to determine if it’s a good idea. It’s where your vision becomes reality because it’s going to be written down on a Vision Document. 

Step 4: How to be an Expert in Your Idea

Step #4 is about learning how to be resilient, how to take on mistakes, failure and rejection, and embrace these as positive experiences by reflecting and learning from the process.

Step 5: How to Test Your Idea

In Step #5 I’m going to share with you my formula for testing out an idea.

Step 6: How to Pivot Your Idea

We are going to lean into failures and wrong turns, and use them to pivot and get on the right track to building an incredible business idea. This is when you’re going to learn how to flex your entrepreneurial grit!

BONUS! We’re still offering a free LIVE Q&A with me! PLUS for the first 25 to sign up, I’ll review your vision document and send you feedback.

There are limited spots available. Don’t miss out on making your dream a reality.




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