Is it the right time to GO LIVE?

Feb 11, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #10: Is it the right time to GO LIVE?

I love surfing. It’s a precise skill of knowing when the wave is lifting just enough to catch it.

And it’s the same key principle when you’re launching a business idea.

Have you missed the wave? Or are you too early to start paddling?

I like to use the Adoption of Innovation theory, or Diffusion of Innovation Theory, developed by E.M. Rogers. 

The idea is that every new innovation or new idea starts in this way.

Watch this video to learn how I put this theory into practice and work out if my business ideas will work.



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I shared an epic story on TikTok from the book 7 Powers by Hamilton Helmer, about how Sony crushed it in the '90s 💪

(Please forgive the bad subtitles... my first attempt!)

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