Are you up for a challenge?

Mar 06, 2023
The Weekly With Fred Schebesta: Are you up for a challenge?

🦜We’re scouting for a rare bird

In my experience there are 3 types of builders in this world:

  1. A designer who is great at making beautiful functional designs
  2. A developer who can code anything you can think of
  3. And then there is the rare bird that exists amongst them that has mastered both; the Frontend Designer and Developer. A master creator!


Rare birds have the following traits:

  • Is inspirational, proactive and always challenging the boundaries
  • Is autonomous in their work and wants to achieve shared goals
  • They can design beauty which is functional
  • They understand how users do things on the Internet and can make no think websites
  • They can design and they can code front-end
  • They conceptualise the end result and how it will meet the business objective before they open Photoshop or write a line of code
  • No project is too difficult


If you feel just as at home concocting new creative design possibilities and masterfully coding these into great products, then this might be for you.

If you love video games, have aped into your fair share of crypto coins or NFTs, and know what it’s like to impatiently wait for a block confirmation, then this might especially be for you; because..

We are looking for this rare bird 🦜.

This is your invitation to showcase your rarity by joining our paid design challenge.


⛰️ If you are one of these rare birds join our paid design challenge

You will be paid for up to 8 hours of work to create a response to our design challenge, which will be revealed after applying for this job post and being selected.

The purpose of the challenge is to understand your skills and curiosity for solving a simple yet acute usability problem in crypto assets. We don’t require a complete solution, just enough of a prototype to show off your creativity, design and technical skills in making this product remarkable.

The output of the challenge will be to:

  1. Create a simple user flow consisting of 2-3 screens from a basic requirements brief for a new user onboarding feature.
  2. Using one of these screens, implement a browser based prototype that meets the requirements.
  3. Write a basic README explaining your solution and to assist with our review.

Applicants are encouraged to use the technologies, languages, libraries or frameworks they are most capable with.

⏳ Fixed timeframe 

You’ll be notified 24 hours before the project is due. It is up to you how much of the eight hours you will use, but there is incentive for speed. For example: if two submissions of the same quality are received, the entry completed in the least amount of time will be preferred. A maximum of eight hours will be paid for this challenge.

🧙 A chance to build something remarkable with a small group of talented people

We want gamers to own their game. We are creating an equitable revolution in video gaming, where players have the power to own their assets and realize the value of their play time.

We are a funded Web3 startup with a talented team of gamers, product people, engineers, and serial tech company founders with a singular focus to do one thing properly: build the best crypto gaming wallet.

The winner of this challenge will have the opportunity to join the team (subject to further evaluations and considerations) in directing the experience design and front-end development for this and other bleeding edge cryptographic technology products; with the satisfaction of seeing your work used by the next million players onboarded into Web3 games.

🏁 To enter the challenge

  1. Nominate your hourly rate and a day within the next week for you to complete the challenge.
  2. Include your crypto wallet address for payment in stable coin (any ERC-20).
  3. Complete this form.

We’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted into the challenge. You’ll then receive the challenge brief on the date of your availability and will need to submit your entry within 24 hours.


We wish you a rewarding challenge!

Fred Schebesta

Rare Bird Collector

P.s. If you want to skip the queue, email the details above to [email protected] and include your name and the rare bird emoji into the subject line we will send you the brief.

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