The only thing that matters in a job interview is…

May 28, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #25: The only thing that matters in a job interview is…
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When Elon Musk interviews people, he asks them these key questions: what were their most challenging experiences in their career and how did they overcome them.

I ask these questions every time I interview people too. In this video clip, Musk explains that he’s looking for exceptional people. This is the only thing that matters to Musk when he hires people. And I agree.

So how do you figure out if someone is exceptional? 

You need to look at the decisions they made, how they came to conclusions, what they did, and the steps they took to lead to their decisions. How did they go above and beyond to find a solution and resolve an issue in the best way possible?

Let’s turn this around. How do you look unexceptional? When you:

  • Show no responsibility for the issue that happened
  • Claim to be the victim and it’s everyone else’s fault
  • Take the credit when you don't deserve it.

The next time you go for a job or if you’re hiring for a role, spend some time thinking about how to answer this question or what to look for in the answer. You might surprise yourself in how exceptional you are.

Click here to watch the full clip.


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Warren Buffett wrote this in his annual shareholder letter in 1981:

“When change is slow, constant rethinking is actually undesirable; it achieves little and slows response time. But when change is great, yesterday’s assumptions can be retained only at great cost.”

Don’t let the past hold you back from where you are going. Your time is now so make the most of it. No regrets.


I reviewed the new ASUS ExpertBook B9

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ASUS sent me a laptop to try out. It’s the new ExpertBook B9. Check out my review here.

(This was a paid review although opinions are my own).



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