My 5 Rules for a Growth Mindset

Jul 22, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #33: My 5 Rules for a Growth Mindset
  • How to get your crew fired up for their COVID-19 vaccine
  • Insta Inspo: Anything is possible
  • But first, the 5 rules I use to build a growth mindset to win!

I hate rules. I believe rules are made for breaking. But there is an exception. 

When I came across renowned psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s theory on growth versus fixed mindset, I realised that I strive to embody all of the 5 traits that make up a growth mindset.

These are:

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But what I needed was a set of rules to follow to ensure that I embodied a growth mindset. So I came up with a list.

Rule 1: Say “yes”

The problem with saying “no” is that you’re saying “no” to potential. This is a huge problem. We’ve all met people who’ve said “If only I did…” or “If I could go back in time I’d…”. Call it what you want. Regret. Hindsight. I call it unrealised potential. 

What if the people in these situations just said “yes”? Where would they be now? Sure, not every “yes” is going to turn into a win. You will face rejection. It’s inevitable. But, more often than not, it’ll turn into something. A life experience. A handshake with the right person. A spark of inspiration. A lesson. All of which are valuable and lead to new opportunities. 

Rule 2: When you feel like giving up, push on

Most have had that moment when it feels like nothing is going right. You can’t seem to solve your problem and you’re ready to throw in the towel.

It’s natural. But you’ve got to push through the pain. And sometimes the best way to push through to the other side is to lay down. Literally. 

Banksy said it best: “Learn to rest, not to quit.” 

That may seem overly simplistic but staring at something that’s not going right won’t fix the problem. Do some meditation. Take a nap. Or go for a run. Let your mind wander. Then come back and attack the problem. 

Rule 3: Add an extra 2 percent of effort to everything you do

At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games during the women’s 400 metre final, Shane Miller from the Bahamas beat American sprinter Allyson Felix by seven-tenths of a second. How? Miller dove head-first across the line. 

Winning is all about being willing to go above and beyond. To push yourself that tiny bit extra every time you do something. Just 2 percent more. And sometimes, it’s the difference between coming first and losing.

Rule 4: Thank people for their feedback

A key part of a growth mindset is being able to deal with feedback. 

Not all feedback is going to be crucial but a lot of the time it will be. Negative feedback is actually a good thing. I submit that it’s even more important than good feedback. Because it’s how you improve. Remember that feedback is not a direct attack on you. And even if it is, take the time to listen and understand why the person said what they said. If it’s useful, take it on. If it’s not, say thank you and disregard it.

Rule 5: Celebrate successful people

It’s really easy to get down when other people are winning and you’re not. Comparing myself to others was something that I’ve had to learn to be ok with. Take it a step further and celebrate these people. 

Dweck highlights a major divide between people who have a fixed mindset and a growth one. People with a fixed mindset feel threatened by other people's success but someone with a growth mindset takes inspiration from other people succeeding. Champion others. It feels better than the alternative.

This list appeared on Yahoo Finance and I also go into more detail in my book ‘Go Live! 10 principles to launch a global empire’.



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If you’re a business owner, it’s time to get behind your crew and encourage them to get their COVID-19 jab. You can also help the WHO Foundation “Go Live One” campaign and donate vaccinations to the people who need them the most in this world.

If you work in an organisation, ask your boss to get involved and help the world get back to normal!



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Anything is possible. There is no limit. There are no restrictions. Your only limitation is your belief in yourself and your idea.




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