My 14 Habits for Hyper Success 🚀

Mar 04, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #13: My 14 Habits for Hyper Success 🚀
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After my third child was born in January, a lot of people were asking me how I manage running a global business (Finder) with a young family. The answer is, it’s not easy. But I’ve developed 14 habits that have helped me be more effective with my time and be more present, in my pursuit for hyper success.

I wrote about them on Yahoo Finance. Here are my top 4:

  1. Calendar ruthlessness: This is about creating space for thinking time. Shorten meeting times. My default meeting time is 25 minutes. Go through your calendar and close down meetings that aren’t necessary. Can you combine meetings together? Do you need certain meetings?
  2. Hang out with smart people: Smart people will basically drive you to challenge your ideas and come up with even better ideas, which is really cool. Really smart people are often very successful and they drive you to a higher level. They unlock ideas for you and you start to mimic their modalities of life and how they operate as well.
  3. Run a house like a business: There needs to be a leader of the home and set established roles of what everyone's doing and how it operates, including timelines, schedules, and financials. Roles can rotate. Hold regular family meetings to communicate about all sorts of things and bring up any issues. That way everyone's very clear. You can use these meetings to discuss or review bringing in people that are working in the home, such as cleaning and maintenance. Go through each area of the home such as laundry, mail, deliveries, rubbish collection, recycling, food.
  4. Say yes to little wins: Sometimes I like to just aim for little wins. Little wins drive motivation, and they build momentum. And that's what will help your teams to stay on course. But one of the challenges is being comfortable with that rather than just focusing on the big goals.

Click here to read my full list of 14 habits for hyper success.



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The people who are extremely persistent in sticking to their goals are those who tend to create a movement. Seek and find those people and find your seat on the rocket ship.

This is from my chat on Dream Job Ready Podcast. Click here to listen to the full episode.



One of my favourite quotes is by US President Calvin Coolidge: “Persistence is omnipotent.”

The last person who gives up tends to win.

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