Just landed: my new NATURAL energy drink! 💦

Apr 01, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #17: Just landed: my new NATURAL energy drink! 💦


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In stores today: my new energy drink! ⚡️

I have canned my natural energy into every drop 💦

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A secret and a challenge I shared with my team today:

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You may look somewhere and think that perhaps if you had more capital (the deployment of time and resources together) you would be in a better situation. The secret is, that everyone is thinking the exact same thing. Everyone could use more, and do more with more. But that is not a reality to always get more. Most of the time you will have less than what you might even need. 

A fixed amount of resources and time is what everyone has had on this planet since we have started to interpret time. So the challenge becomes: How do you get the most from the capital that you have? How do you deploy it to get the most from it? 

Effective allocation of a small amount of capital over time will always beat out lots of capital that is poorly allocated.



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Chatting on The Brett Campbell Show: The most powerful and I guess empowering feeling for yourself is just look at today, right now, what is in front of you. What are the opportunities? Even if they are small, 5-cent pieces, you go and pick them up right now. If you can just focus on those opportunities now and just those, and see where they go and be your natural risk-taking self in order to make a profit for the future, I assure you that you will find the future opportunities that you are trying to aim and seek for, and they come from that thread of today.

Link to the full episode here.



April Fools! I don’t have an energy drink out now… but maybe sometime in the future ;)

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