I'm giving away Bitcoin!

Jul 29, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #34: I'm giving away Bitcoin!

Ticker Ventures: How to build a disruptor brand


On Ticker Ventures this week, I had a great chat with Richard Joffe, the founder and CEO of Honey Insurance. Richard moved to Australia from the US a couple of years ago and found a huge opportunity to improve home and contents insurance for Australians. 

But the problem is, he now needs to change people’s behaviour.

Richard helped me insure my new house, so I can vouch for his product personally. But it’s not easy to come into an extremely well-established market with a new thing. So let’s break it down…

I think there are two things to consider when launching a disruptive product:

  1. Give your customers extreme value
  2. Give your customers an extra usage

Disruption is never easy but when it solves a problem and improves your customers’ lives, I believe it has incredible potential to succeed.

Think about people moving away from bank branches and using ATMs or moving away from credit cards to use buy now pay later services. 

And to me, it all comes down to promotion. I think the reason why I like disruption so much is because it naturally allows you to stand out even more in your marketing. It allows you to think differently compared to how your competitors promote their brands.

So I told Richard to take an extremely strong counter position as a brand. Do the complete opposite of what his competitors are doing. 

That’s how you can really stand out, get attention and build an audience with a hot new product.

To watch the full episode click here.



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