How do you determine your worth?

May 14, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #23: How do you determine your worth?


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When you’re starting out a new business venture or side hustle, how do you know what you’re worth? 

This was the topic in today’s episode of Ticker Ventures where I spoke to Sophia Choi who is starting a strategic partnerships consultancy.

Pricing your services and establishing a commercial model is always challenging because you want to try and create an ongoing revenue stream. That’s the ultimate goal. I talk about developing a commercial model in a Vision Document in my MasterClass – check it out here.

For more tips on starting your business model, click here to watch the full episode.


⚡️ Crypto update ⚡️

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Bitcoin took a dive yesterday after Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla will suspend bitcoin payments citing “increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions.” BTC is now sitting at just under US$50K and US$473 BILLION was wiped off the crypto market.

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Elon, I’m a big fan but you’re wrong on this one. Here’s why:

  • It’s claimed that 75% of bitcoin miners use renewable energy
  • Bitcoin mining uses about 10x LESS ENERGY than the banking system and LESS THAN HALF of what gold mining uses. 
  • The difference we're talking about here is monumental and if instead the banking system was transitioned to cryptocurrency, we'd have a way better power equation.
  • Founder of MicroStrategy Michael Sailor reports that the world produces 160,000 TWh every year, 50,000 TWh of which is wasted and bitcoin uses just 120 TWh.

In other crypto news:

  • The world's youngest cryptocurrency billionaire, Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has donated the proceeds from selling off his 50 trillion Shibu Inu tokens worth $1.14 to India’s COVID relief fund.
  • eBay has announced that it will allow NFT’s to be bought and sold on the platform.
  • A Las Vegas casino has partnered with Gemini to become the first crypto-friendly casino-resort 
  • Mark Zuckerberg released a photo of his two pet goats named Bitcoin and Max.

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⚡️ Insta Inspo ⚡️

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I see it as a strategy, to burn out and realise that’s everything you’ve given and that’s all the energy you’ve got.

This is not a strategy for everyone. But for me, I like to push myself to my limits and past breaking point. Especially when I’m in flow. 

Then I stop and rest. I take some time to recover by sleeping, doing some meditation, going for a run, eating a chicken burger 🍔

I spoke about this strategy in my chat with Emily Jaksch on the Purposely #podcastClick here for the full episode.



Go Live! With Fred Schebesta: How to Develop Your Business Idea

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Here’s a recap of each step:

Step 1: The Entrepreneur Mindset

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Step 2: How to Come Up with an Idea

This step is all about discovery. You’re building out your strategy while taking a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Step 3: How to Determine if it's a Good Idea

The ideation step is about how to determine if it’s a good idea. It’s where your vision becomes reality because it’s going to be written down on a Vision Document. 

Step 4: How to be an Expert in Your Idea

Step #4 is about learning how to be resilient, how to take on mistakes, failure, and rejection, and embrace these as positive experiences by reflecting and learning from the process.

Step 5: How to Test Your Idea

In Step #5 I’m going to share with you my formula for testing out an idea.

Step 6: How to Pivot Your Idea

We are going to lean into failures and wrong turns, and use them to pivot and get on the right track to building an incredible business idea. This is when you’re going to learn how to flex your entrepreneurial grit!

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