🍔Have you ever flicked your Macca's pickles? How one business is forging a cultural revolution

Sep 02, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #39: 🍔Have you ever flicked your Macca's pickles? How one business is forging a cultural revolution
  • Podcast of the week: Catching up with CUB on being remarkable
  • Have you found a Bitcoin Golden Ticket?
  • But first, how one business is forging a cultural revolution with the humble pickle 🥒


Did you ever flick your pickles from your Macdonald’s burger onto the wall when you were a kid?

Last week on Ticker Ventures, I spoke to James Barbour, the founder, and CEO of Dillicious, which makes American-style pickles and brine-infused condiments. James was excited to find a gap in the Australian market for a niche product: refrigerated pickles. But he’s hit with some epic challenges marketing a niche product within a niche market.


I think a lot of people in Australia think of flicking Maccas pickles onto the wall as a kid. To my Aussie readers: do you remember doing this? 

To overcome the brand identity many Aussies have with pickles, James is going to need to channel some creativity in starting a cultural revolution around eating pickles. I suggested partnering up with brands that already have cultural significance and this could really change the game and make pickles cool again.

Talk to your customers about what’s stopping them from buying your product. Then focus on addressing that problem. This is a great strategy for any business.

I love pickles and have sampled some from Dillicious. They are a great product and I think James and his team can start a cultural revolution and reinvent pickles in Australia.

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I recently sat down with Daniel Hakim, CEO of the Club of United Business. I spoke about some of the principles that I follow which have contributed to my success, and I wrote about these in my new book “Go Live! 10 Principles to Launching a Global Empire (for a limited time you can order a signed copy from my website).

One of my favourites is Principle 6: be remarkable. 

What is remarkable? Remarkable is about being willing and able to remark to someone else about a particular idea or concept.

The way I think about remarkability is when you think about what you ate or the coffee you bought or when you woke up or when you went to bed. Do you remember them? Probably not. These are things that I call “in the window of normality.” They are unremarkable.

But what you do remember are the things that happen outside of normality? They are really good or really bad. When you think about your business, you want it to be outside of normality.

Your goal should be to create products or services inside your business so your customers will tell their friends and family about it. 

You’ll never tell your friends and family about having the same coffee you’ve had at the same time every day, you put on your shoes and go for a walk. That’s not remarkable. But they will say, “Wow, did you hear about that business, they are doing XYZ!”

Do things differently, surprise and delight your customers, and be remarkable. That’s how you will win the game.

To catch the full episode, listen here.



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