Good idea? Will it work? πŸ€”

Jan 28, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #8: Good idea? Will it work? πŸ€”

The first thing you might be thinking is how much money will you need each month to survive if you quit your job to start a business. It’s a great place to start. And the next most important question is...

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When we started Finder, we didn’t raise any capital. We had to find super frugal ways to test our ideas.

I’ve put together a formula on how to figure out if your idea is any good.

The best part? You don’t need any money to do it.

Watch this video to find out my 5 step formula on how to test a business idea with no money.


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I’ve just launched a new online course, where I’ll teach you how to develop your business ideas in 6 steps. I've been developing this system for 22 years and it’s what I used to build Finder, a global comparison website and money app worth over $300 million.

It's all online and includes 6 videos in each step, worksheets with resources, case studies, templates, and challenges all the way through. There's a bonus case study interview video.

Learn more about my course here.

I am doing an exclusive, LIVE Q&A for those who sign up this week. Hurry, this offer expires soon.

PLUS for the first 25 people who sign up, I'll personally review your business idea and give you feedback in a video.

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