Mar 18, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #15: DON'T HIRE PEOPLE OVER ZOOM!


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The Chicago Bulls was probably one of the greatest basketball teams ever. They won so many championships that they could probably choose anyone for their team. So when someone asked coach Phil Jackson why he wanted Dennis Rodman on the team when Rodman was a headache, he didn’t turn up to practice and creates all of this controversy, Jackson said, “You can only have one Dennis Rodman on the team.”

I am the Dennis Rodman in our team. I don’t quite fit. I’m a bit out there. So when we look to hire people, a cultural fit is super important.

If you can help it, don’t hire people over Zoom. Or any video conferencing.

I think there are parts of human intuition that are almost impossible to replicate through digital media today. I spoke about this on the latest episode of Ticker Ventures with Jeremy Chen, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Good Things, who is looking to expand nationally but says hiring the right people is a bottleneck.

It is possible to hire great people over Zoom. You just need to be more creative. We’ve hired a lot of people all over the world without ever physically meeting them. But in person, you're going to get a much stronger read.

My top tips for hiring for the right fit:

  • Think about the qualities that you and your company value and write them down
  • What are some questions and scenarios you could ask to understand their values? For example, I look for people who are super proactive so I never give the address of the interview.
  • Don’t limit yourself to one set of values: because they may have other qualities and values that you didn't realise that add to the culture
  • Set out different tasks for different types of roles: for example, I don’t like to hire salespeople who are great at doing presentations because I want to hire closers.

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Defiant Talk

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I sat down with digital marketing legends Jamie Kritharas and Sid Pierucci on the Defiant Talk podcast about time travel, communicating ideas, context switching, being a disruptor, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

What is NFTs and why is it such a big thing?

The idea of fungibility means one $10 note is the same as another $10 note. Now, if it's nonfungible, it means that one $10 note is not the same as another $10 note. Essentially, these are assets which are unique, completely unique. At its absolute core, it's just a different standard on the blockchain, which means it can't be replicated. 

I think what is fascinating, and I think this idea will probably echo in time, is the idea of digital scarcity. Bitcoin is digital scarcity, but I actually think there are other things which have digital scarcity like art. There are other things which have digital scarcity too. And I think we're only just beginning to understand what that might be.

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This week, Elon Musk announced his new title: “Technoking of Tesla”. And CFO Zach Kirkhorn has been made “Master of Coin.”

I love creativity and challenging traditional ways of doing things. When you do this inside a company, it encourages creativity and it creates a nurturing environment for people to be comfortable with developing new ideas and making mistakes.

Let’s make this a new trend and give yourself a new job title! 💪



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