The BIGGEST stories you need to know!

Jun 25, 2021
The Weekly with Fred Schebesta #29: The BIGGEST stories you need to know!

I love to pivot.

To me, pivoting is about striving to do things better. And after 28 newsletters, I thought it was time to shake things up a bit.

Introducing an all-new The Weekly! ⚡️

Each week, I’m going to aggregate the BIGGEST news stories of the week that get me all tingly inside. They will be gathered from some of the biggest websites on the internet. 

I hope you enjoy my roundup to get you fired up for the week ahead!


⚡️ Ticker Ventures: how to get the balance right ⚡️

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Last week, I (virtually) sat down with Flic Manning, founder of Corethentic, a wellness system that encompasses holistic therapies aimed at the chronic illnesses and chronic pain community.

When COVID-19 hit, Flic transitioned her business entirely online and she wanted to chat about the balance of using social media in her business while supporting her crew and clients.

It’s not an easy question to answer. Part of this business is about caring for people and working full time can be grueling. It’s natural to burn out or need a break.

People have different ways of working: they either love consistency or they like to go long then take a break.

I recommend asking your crew how they like to work and how they can incorporate breaks to get a healthy work/life balance.

One option is to job share roles so people can have larger blocks of time to break and come back refreshed. You also may need to establish principles around the number of hours someone can work in a row before they need to take a break.

For more tips on balance work check out the full episode here.



Handpicked by me, here are the biggest stories breaking the internet this week:

GrowSari, a B2B platform for small stores in the Philippines, adds investors like Temasek’s Pavilion Capital and Tencent

  • The biggest story on Tech Crunch this week, GrowSari has raised $30 million so far in a Series B round, seed funding, and Series A
  • The B2B app is used by over 50K stores in Luzon, the most populated island in the Philippines
  • It has pricing tools, inventory management, and working capital loans in the app
  • It’s part of a new trend of B2B platforms in Asia which services micro-small businesses in some of the most populated regions in the world: Indonesia (population 271 million) and India (1.4 billion people).

The thriving business of ‘Ikea hacking’

  • A new trend for tweaking old Ikea furniture is booming, according to a report by The Hustle.
  • Businesses are selling Ikea-friendly fittings like legs, doorknobs and lounge covers online, as consumers are staying home and sprucing up their spaces
  • I love the upcycling and hustle of these DIY projects, reducing waste, adding value, and saving money 🤑

More than 70,000 people have signed petitions to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth after his trip to space next month

  • On Yahoo Finance shared from Business Insider, Jeff Bezos is blasting into space next month and some people don’t want him back
  • Over 70K people signed a petition to the Amazon and Blue Origin founder 
  • It will be the company’s first flight carrying people and a step closer to making space flight the norm including living on Mars, Sydney to New York in 3 hours (yes please!), and staying in orbiting space hotels. I’m a big fan of space travel.
  • Is this some tall poppy syndrome going down (or up in this case)? Perhaps a new level of online trolling? So spicy!

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes

  • Tim Ferris shares the principles he taught students from the PX Project, which is a cognitive experiment designed to increase your reading speed
  • Check out the article if you’re keen to increase your productivity by reading faster!

2,400 CG artists were each given the same base animation and challenged to make something unique out of it. These are just some of the clips from the top 100 artists.

  • On Reddit this week, there’s a cool video going viral of CG artists being super creative
  • I think it’s important to immerse yourself in a little bit of creativity every week to keep your creative juices pumping. Check it out!



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I've been struggling lately, coming to terms with a failed investment. I lost US$150K in the Iron Finance collapse. Marc Cuban and many others also got hit 🥊

It reminded me of the conviction I built up after 39 failed businesses and the 40th one was Finder 🚀

I wrote about this in my book: Go Live! 10 Principles to Launch a Global Empire and the 10th Principle is all about leaning into mistakes because if you're not making mistakes you're not trying hard enough.

So here's what I do to help me deal with mistakes. Try it out and let me know if it helps you.

📚My book is out August 10! Pre-order it here.



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