Microsoft YouTube

Microsoft decides to clip YouTubes wings a little

MSN has decided to take up arms against a sea of YouTube traffic. The Soapbox system is only in its beta version although I am already sceptical of it. If Soapbox Beta functions anything like the previous versions of windows we might be seeing blue screens on our movies. Hey only time will tell how much cash has been invested behind this? What do you think

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Video YouTube

Brookers, the video blog star on Youtube goes commercial!

Ok I found Brookers from some random surfing and I have got to say that she makes some totally cool videos. My favourite one was this: If you dont know about Brookers she is a girl who has made some herself kinda famous through YouTube. She has 18,998 subscribers to her video feed! Most of her videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 times! My favourite video of hers has only been viewed 524,061 times. (Only…)…

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