Yahoo7 launches new portal

Yahoo has always played second fiddle to Ninemsn ever since it launched. Ninemsns greater and more relevant local content tied in with its huge television and magazine promotions have given it more traffic. More traffic leads to more advertising. More advertising means more cash. More cash means a better, fresher website.

Yahoo unlike in other countries is a small player in Australia although its new initiative to integrate channel 7 content and info into the website will surely put the stick into Ninemsn.

Yahoo in the early days was a dominant player with their directory structure of providing content to web “newbies“. As the web user has become more and more educated this directory structure has not been as useful because of the weird and wacky requirements for information from the more informed web user. Putting a big Search bar infront of a user these days does confuse them it excites them.

I am keen to see how this changes the online media space and perhaps some day you will see TV media sales packaged with media space on their websites?!?

Comments appreciated.

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