How to start a search engine marketing campaign

Why start a search engine marketing campaign?
Buying traffic for the sake of buying traffic will send you broke. The reason is because it isn’t targeted, so you will only get people coming to your website that just leave. Buying just any traffic is like putting up a T.V. ad, you are shooting millions of arrows out to try and hit a prospect. The answer to not wasting your money is to target specific users and prequalify your traffic.

Target specific users – Market to people who are interested in your product. Michael Kiely taught me to “Fish where the fish are”. I took out of that advertise where people are looking for your products. Search engine marketing targets the people who are interested in your products because the visitor types in what they are searching for. The user makes their intentions clear that they are searching for “a way to save my marriage”, keyword typed in = “Save Marriage Book”. Before the user goes to your website they tell you what products they want to see. If your product matches what they want to see you can easily market your product to them.

Prequalify your audience – Buying advertising on a performance basis is a great start but you still don’t want to be paying for traffic that is not sent to your website for the right reason. Getting a user to do something like typing in a query makes the traffic more qualified. Users actually have to search for your ads.

I recommend buying search engine marketing traffic as the first thing to do. The reason is that you can keep your budgets low, ($100 per month) and you can keep the campaign small and manageable to determine what results you get.

How to start your search engine marketing campaign to get instant traffic

Step 1 – Choose your search engine: I recommend starting with Google because it accounts for around 70% of the Australian search engine market traffic. Yahoo and Ninemsn each account for around 12% each and the minor other search engines account for the remainder.
Below is a snapshot from one of my clients websites that shows you the % of traffic they get from each of the search engines.

You can see from the above results that Google is the big Gorilla in the Australian search space so I always recommend you optimise first for it and buy Adwords first. After that consider Yahoo and Ninemsn.

Step 2 – Setup your campaign on Google
I have put a guide together to help you in 7 steps get your site live on google. Just go to and follow the steps.
To begin you will need the following:

  1. A website – You need somewhere to send the traffic you will get from the search engine.
  2. A credit card – This is to pay for your ads.
Start your search marketing campaign now

Do you Yahoo? What I like about Yahoo! Advertisements

I am a massive .com advocate and so I just LOVE the Yahoo! ads. They arent that present in Australia although I do remember a few of them. Thanks to our global citizen media here is my favourite advertisement from Yahoo! proudly presented by YouTube.

Yahoo Advertisement

What I like is 2 things

1. Brand Promise – Ok from that ad it promises me you can just about do anything from Yahoo!. I think thats a little tall without some serious commitment to follow-through. You could find out about anything you like from Yahoo! although you would need to actually go and do it.

2. YahooooooooooooHoooooo! – I LOVE that part of the ad. I sing it all the time. I feel more a part of the internet everytime I sing it. Its like I am singing the mantra of the .com boom and resurgance all at the one time. Its iconic in my mind of the potential of online and it will one day be a relic/a benchmark of onlines evolution.

Go forth .com Marketers and dominate!


Yahoo7 launches new portal

Yahoo has always played second fiddle to Ninemsn ever since it launched. Ninemsns greater and more relevant local content tied in with its huge television and magazine promotions have given it more traffic. More traffic leads to more advertising. More advertising means more cash. More cash means a better, fresher website.

Yahoo unlike in other countries is a small player in Australia although its new initiative to integrate channel 7 content and info into the website will surely put the stick into Ninemsn.

Yahoo in the early days was a dominant player with their directory structure of providing content to web “newbies“. As the web user has become more and more educated this directory structure has not been as useful because of the weird and wacky requirements for information from the more informed web user. Putting a big Search bar infront of a user these days does confuse them it excites them.

I am keen to see how this changes the online media space and perhaps some day you will see TV media sales packaged with media space on their websites?!?

Comments appreciated.