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Website Traffic Problems Solved!

Has your website traffic hit a plateau?
Let me tell you the story of how websites get built. You get all excited, you burst out of the starting blocks because finally you have decided to build a new website! Your team buys into the project, everyone is pitching in to get this project live. You are so happy and relieved at the same time that it goes live. You tell everyone about it – ‘go take a look at it’. It’s new! It’s sparkling! It’s marketing your business!
Normally at this point you check your website stats and you see a good progression of increased visitors! It’s great news! But as the first visitors to the site leave and the developers stop testing it, you notice your website hits a stage I call, Buy Out. Six weeks pass and nothing has changed on the website. The news section is now not news at all, its old content. People start buying out of the project and the website project loses its shine because you start to realise that you need to maintain it and send new people to it. Essentially, people start buying out of the project. The website is tiring, it’s boring and no one wants to be involved anymore. Now it’s not marketing your business and you have a website traffic problem.
How to solve your traffic problem
Increasing traffic is a sign of a traffic problem solved.

Above is what you want to see with your website traffic. Movement, up or down, preferably up is best. The reason why movement in your traffic is so important is because it is a sign that there is activity. The website is doing something.

4 ways quick ways to increase your traffic

  1. Write new content – Add some new content about some recent news, a review of a latest trend or even review the content and add to some of your services pages. This will give Google some new content food to eat and hopefully give you another chance to get more traffic.
  2. Start search engine marketing – Get yourself on Google and run a little test of Google adwords. If you want to take it to another level hire a search engine marketer and do an audit of your website.
  3. Send an email – Sending an email to your database with links back to new content on your website will get you instant traffic. People in your database already know who you are and have already shown interest in what you have to offer. Give them another reason to come back and you will see an increase in traffic.
  4. Audit where you promote your website – make sure your website address is listed at every promotional opportunity such as :
    • Business card
    • Email signature
    • Print advertisements
    • Business shirts
    • Promo cars
    • Brochures
    • Blog comments
    • Proposals
    • Whitepapers
    • TV ads
    • Signatures in forums
    • Facebook profile
    • And every single other interaction you have with the web
  5. Bonus Tip! – Swap databases with a partner and promote your content in their newsletter. If you are a florist partner with a wedding planning company and include a little snippet promoting your article on “How to choose the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding?”
Website traffic

How will Your Online Traffic Perform in 2008?

Free Report on the Current State of Online Traffic in Australia

I have prepared a report about some recent trends and some of the big challenges you will be facing in 2008. You will probably planning your online marketing at present and be faced with some of the following problems:

  • Traffic prices are increasing
  • Banner advertising isoverpriced
  • The quality of rented databases is decreasing
Download your copy of the Free report

Plan for Search Trends In Advance

For many websites the Christmas/New Year period is a quiet time of year and most people managing them look back at how well they did in the last year.

Take advantage of this by looking forward. Try to predict upcoming trends for the new year and use these trends to build related content to attract visitors to your website.

For example the Simpsons movie was a big release in 2007.

 trends for simpsons movie searches on google

As you can see above there were several important events for search trends about the Simpsons movie (source: Google Trends):

  • A: First newspaper previews of the movie
  • E: Movie released to theatres worldwide
  • F: DVD released for sale

If you had a website with lots of movie related content the way to attract lots of visitors to your site would have been to be the first to publish a really indepth article about the Simpsons Movie, ideally several months before event A (newspaper previews).

Even if your article is mostly rumour and innuendo if it has:

  • Plenty of often updated text content
  • Using targeted keywords
  • Images of Simpsons characters with proper alt attributes etc

Than being first to publish will mean your page will already be ranking well and be “reputable” to search engines by the time event A occurs and will still rank well compared to the big movie review sites when the movie and subsequent DVD’s are released.

Have you had success using Google Trends for content ideas?

How to

Surviving a Surge of Popularity

How would you feel if your website wasn’t accessible for a whole day?

Does the thought of that happening make you kind of sick in the stomach?

Well this is exactly what happened to a site I visit regularly (we’ll let them be anonymous to avoid embarrassment).

One evening their site got linked to by a major overseas newspaper and the incoming traffic all through the Australian night was 10x normal … until the site crashed under great stress … and took 24 hours to replicate and bring back up again on a different server.

Prevent this happening to you:

  • Get your site optimized by a specialist internet marketing company – the techniques to make a website user and search engine friendly also make sure that is fast and efficient
  • Make sure your web host can handle sudden unexpected peaks of traffic – ask them if they can guarantee your website will survive what’s known in the trade as the slashdot effect
  • Monitor your website 24/7 and assign an IT manager with a pager/mobile which gets notified if the site goes down so they can react quickly.
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How to write a website article to increase search…

How to write a Search Engine friendly article for your website

By applying this formula to writing website articles, you will get great success with the search engines. Follow these 5 easy steps and experiment for yourself now.

Fred Schebesta’s Article Writing Formula

Step 1 – Choose your Keyword
To begin, choose your article’s keyword target. I suggest focusing on getting results for just one keyword for each article. Use a keyword selection tool or check your web stats to figure out which keyword you want to rank highly for.

Step 2 – Research what is out there

Go to Google and research: type in your keyword and figure out what other people have already written and see what websites they are referencing. The internet is filled with plagiarism so you will usually find common source articles. Once you have the core idea, give it your own spin. I include my own experiences to talk directly to my intended audience.

Step 3 – The idea and the benefit
After researching , I come up with my article’s main theme. It usually comes from extending another article, a wacky idea I have been thinking about applied to the topic, or a question a client has asked me during the day. From this idea I focus on what key benefit a person could get out of this information and make that the title of my article.

Step 4 – Title, article, links, pictures and resources
My next steps just flow:

Title – Write the title of your article. I might adjust this during this process or at the end, depending on what might work better for the target market and what type of content I write.

Article – The actual body of the article. I try and write like I am writing to one person. I think about that person reading it and also imagine myself reading the article and what I would want to know. I try and use dot points and bolding to communicate key points.

– Links to related pages are gold because you don’t have to rewrite supporting information, allowing the focus to remain on your core subject. I try and keep these to a minimum so as not to distract the reader.

Pictures and Diagrams – I love putting a picture or a diagram in because it brightens up the piece and makes it less boring. I hate big wads of text. I want pictures and diagrams because I know a lot of people are visual people.

Resources and Call to actions – At the end of the article I normally include either related resource links or a relevant call to action. Normally if you write an article a call to action to browse another page of your website is easy to sell because you have built trust and credibility.

Step 5 – Proof read, send it live and promote it
I always give my articles to someone else to check. Other people see things you don’t and their final finesse can turn your article from being good to great. Also consider how you might promote the article.

3 quick ways to promote your article:

  1. Post it on a free articles site – is an example
  2. Send it as an enewsletter – Send a mail to your database describing a problem your article will solve.
  3. Give it away to a related website

Myspace Web Stats

Here are some interesting stats about Myspace usage courtesy of B and T.

The Australian version of popular social networking site MySpace claims more than 50% of its users are over the age of 25.

Research from Nielsen Netratings show that over 1.1 million MySpace Australia users are in the 24 to 34 year-old age demographic.

I think its interesting the demographic change. Although I am putting my foot in this and laying down my prediction that Myspace is a fad. I also think that too many people are wasting their time on it and that it will die a slow painful death just like AngelFire, Geocities and Friendster.

Sorry Myspace lovers, but its just my internet history that gives me this hunch.

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Analytics for an Online Marketer from Panalysis

As you can see my internet marketing seminar is heating up and I am getting a few questions about who Panalysis are. It’s a good question if you want to become a better online marketer. Panalysis are a web analytics company headed up by Rod Jacka. Rod is a guru when it comes to identifying and leveraging website traffic statistics to improve your online marketing. I love his software that tells you where people are clicking and his use of ClickTracks will blow you out of the water. He can quickly identify the advertising campaigns that bring visitors to your site that make you money and those that don’t.

Clicktracks is an online marketing guru’s dream product as it tells you exactly where people are clicking on your website. Even better it can help you to identify and prevent click fraud, Rod has a lot to say on this matter. Rod will be at the seminar and we are also holding another analytics workshop on the 24th of November although this has very limited places.

When it comes to choosing an analytics provider here are 3 tres important things to consider.

  1. Analysis paralysis – Don’t invest in too much heavy analytics software if your not going to be analysing your site all day long. That is why I like Clicktracks because it’s lightweight but can crunch out the stats for you.
  2. Consistency brings insight – If you are going to start analysing your stats do it with regularity otherwise you lose your insights. You might pick up on 2 or 3 trends from a quick analysis but you will only gain insight if you follow these monthly or at least quarterly.
  3. Only the hardcore analyse – If you’re not a hardcore online marketer or if you don’t want to be don’t bother with web analytics. It’s best for people looking to increase their conversion rates and guide users to the right places on their website. If you just want to get a website up and throw out a couple of enewsletters don’t bother.
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5 things to check daily with your marketing

These are 5 things I check daily for clients and for our businesses:

1. Number of Sales – I check signups/sales/leads or whatever the metric that all marketing is determined on for a particular client. With Laser Sight Centres its all about laser eye surgery bookings. How many today versus yesterday.

2. Website traffic – I check my blogs traffic almost daily. I check the following metrics:

  • Recent camefroms – What webpages did people recently come from
  • Recent keywords – What keywords did people type in to get to my blog
  • Amount of traffic – The actual volume of traffic that went to the blog

3. Signups to email database – I check signups to email databases almost as religiously as number of sales. Anyone who downloads your whitepapers/signs up to your list or any other way you are capturing interested peoples email details are interested. The more interested people you are speaking to the better.

4. Search engine listings – I type in my clients main search engine keywords every 2 days. I couldnt tell you how many times I have typed “laser eye surgery” into Google!

5. Competitive Search engine listings – I always check at the same time on the natural listings to see how my clients competitors are going on the engines and if they have decided to bite the bullet and just buy up the keywords. If they are already buying up keywords, I check to see what they are running for their landing pages and what their ads are saying.

What do you check?

Online marketing

3 quick ways to increase your website traffic

1. Make your domain name noticeable

Look at the difference between these to domain names:


What do you notice?
1. Each separate word has a capital letter to make it easier to read
2. The .COM.AU is capitalised to help you remember what the domain suffix is

I also suggest you use a domain name that is memorable. I always remember this domain “IfMyMindWasARoom.COM” because its memorable, where as, “BenAndMichaelsGuttering.COM” is not. One final thing it is always good to buy a misspelling of your domain name and the .COM version.

2. Build a database and send an enewsletter with useful tips

An enewsletter is the easiest and fastest way to bring your existing prospects and customers back to your website, thus increasing your traffic. You are looking for marriages here not 1 night stands! To increase your enewsleter list read my article on 101 ways to convert more traffic into signups. When you think about content always think “Is this going to benefit my target market?”

Suggestions for content:
• New articles
• A recent great blog post they may have missed
• News that is relevant to them
• A great forum post
• A special promotion or report

If you don’t want to write your enewsletter get Freestyle Media to write and send it for you.

3. Buy traffic from the search engines

Pay per click advertising in the search engines is a quick technique to getting targeted traffic to your website. Experiment with your search engine marketing agency and just buy a small amount of keywords and test your conversion rate. Once you have an appropriate conversion rate spend a little more with your agency and repeat this process. For more information about search engine marketing read the Freestyle Media search engine marketing guide. If you don’t have a search engine marketing agency, you can get a free quotation from Freestyle Media by simply filling out this search engine marketing quote form.

Know any other quick wins?


101 ways to convert more traffic into database signups

Here is a list of over 101 ideas that you can use:

1. Free eBook
2. Free Ezine
3. Free chapters
4. Free Print Newsletter
5. Free mini-course (7 part e-course)
6. Free articles
7. Free software
8. Free a list of directories
9. Free downloadable interview
10. Free (recorded presentation)
11. Free update on market trend info (stocks… etc)
12. Free tip sheet
14. Free analysis
15. Free phone consultations
16. Free email consultation
17. Free graphics
18. Free website templates
19. Free graphic buttons
20. Free banner ads
21. Free trail to membership site
22. Free tips
23. Free e-certificate to get discount on products
24. Free advertising space
25. Free CD-Rom
26. Free recipes
27. Free tests
28. Free game
29. Free business cards
30. Free coupons
31. Free catalogs
32. Free magazines
33. Free T-shirts
34. Free toothbrush
35. Free screensavers
36. Free photos
37. Free e-greeting cards
38. Free website backgrounds
39. Free clipart images
40. Free email accounts
41. Free dvds
42. Free ring tones
43. Free cell phones
44. Free video tutorials
45. Free wallpapers
46. Free hosting
47. Free fonts
48. Free desktop themes
49. Free animated graphics
50. Free cartoons
51. Free jokes
52. Free quotes
53. Free beauty samples
54. Free stickers
55. Free computers
56. Free Java scripts
57. Free internet access
58. Free music
59. Free songs
60. Free date reminder service
61. Free digital calendar
62. Free digital calculator
63. Free e-dictionary
64. Free I-pod
65. Free address labels
66. Free Horoscopes
67. Free razors
68. Free scholarships
69. Free poker cards
70. Free job search
71. Free poll
72. Free chat services
73. Free virus protection software
74. Free counters
75. Free trackers
76. Free CGI scripts
77. Free guestbook services
78. Free site monitoring services
79. Free web space
80. Free domain names
81. Free message boards
82. Free URL re-direction service
83. Free Blogging software
84. Free food sample
85. Free vitamins
86. Free tea or coffee or chocolate sample
87. Free recipes
88. Free pizza gift certificate
89. Free travel guides
90. Free Bible passage, daily prayer, daily affirmation
91. Free dating services
92. Free homework help
93. Free translation services
94. Free resume samples
95. Free dial up services
96. Free logos
97. Free tax filing
98. Free legal documents
99. Free messaging services
100. Free business referrals
101. Free weather, water reports, or travel reports

Got anymore ideas? Comments?