Has your website traffic hit a plateau?

Let me tell you the story of how websites get built. You get all excited, you burst out of the starting blocks because finally you have decided to build a new website! Your team buys into the project, everyone is pitching in to get this project live. You are [...]

Free Report on the Current State of Online Traffic in Australia
I have prepared a report about some recent trends and some of the big challenges you will be facing in 2008. You will probably planning your online marketing at present and be faced with some of the following problems:

Traffic prices are increasing
Banner advertising isoverpriced
The quality [...]

For many websites the Christmas/New Year period is a quiet time of year and most people managing them look back at how well they did in the last year.
Take advantage of this by looking forward. Try to predict upcoming trends for the new year and use these trends to build related content to attract visitors [...]

How would you feel if your website wasn’t accessible for a whole day?
Does the thought of that happening make you kind of sick in the stomach?
Well this is exactly what happened to a site I visit regularly (we’ll let them be anonymous to avoid embarrassment).
One evening their site got linked to by a major overseas [...]

How to write a Search Engine friendly article for your website
By applying this formula to writing website articles, you will get great success with the search engines. Follow these 5 easy steps and experiment for yourself now.
Fred Schebesta’s Article Writing Formula
Step 1 – Choose your KeywordTo begin, choose your article’s keyword target. I suggest [...]

Myspace Web Stats

Here are some interesting stats about Myspace usage courtesy of B and T.
The Australian version of popular social networking site MySpace claims more than 50% of its users are over the age of 25.
Research from Nielsen Netratings show that over 1.1 million MySpace Australia users are in the 24 to 34 year-old age demographic.
I think [...]

As you can see my internet marketing seminar is heating up and I am getting a few questions about who Panalysis are. It’s a good question if you want to become a better online marketer. Panalysis are a web analytics company headed up by Rod Jacka. Rod is a guru when it comes to identifying [...]

These are 5 things I check daily for clients and for our businesses:
1. Number of Sales – I check signups/sales/leads or whatever the metric that all marketing is determined on for a particular client. With Laser Sight Centres its all about laser eye surgery bookings. How many today versus yesterday.
2. Website traffic – I check [...]

1. Make your domain name noticeable
Look at the difference between these to domain names:
What do you notice?1. Each separate word has a capital letter to make it easier to read2. The .COM.AU is capitalised to help you remember what the domain suffix is
I also suggest you use a domain [...]

Here is a list of over 101 ideas that you can use:
1. Free eBook2. Free Ezine3. Free chapters 4. Free Print Newsletter5. Free mini-course (7 part e-course)6. Free articles7. Free software8. Free a list of directories9. Free downloadable interview10. Free (recorded presentation)11. Free update on market trend info (stocks… etc)12. Free tip sheet14. Free analysis15. [...]

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