So you know your website sucks but there are still some pots of gold on it that everyone comments about and you don’t want to kill, for fear of losing all of your sales. What do you do?
We have many websites running for our clients and they all have golden elements to them which deliver [...]

Increase your New Websites Conversion rate
Designing a website can be very subjective – everybody seems to have an opinion, even the mail boy. Through years on the job I have developed this fail-safe methodology which makes things a whole lot easier. Firstly, set an objective. Most simply, your objective with each page should be [...]

Make your website easy for your visitors to use and they’ll become more proficient users. But if you want them to become customers, you have to think beyond usability.
Imagine a website which was super easy to use and continued making usability the top priority in updating the website. You would infer that this website was [...]

There are 2 things you should look at for this.
1. Websites statistics resolution stats – What resolution do most of the people that visit your website already use? Use these stats to determine what size you should do it in.
2. Internet trends – Check the current resolution stats, although keep in mind that this is [...]

A lot of people ask me what makes the business Freestyle Media different from other web design companies. I will tell you an analogy to explain this. Ask yourself right now and be brutally honest, Do you have a brochure website or is it a marketing tool? Have you just wacked up a site and [...]

Freestyle Media number 1 spot for “Online Marketing Agency” in Google Australia

4 Blunders to avoid your New Website from being Search Engine Unfriendly
Redeveloping your website can be a real challenge when you assume your web designers and developers understand search engine marketing. Unfortunately this is not usually the case. Most designers are great at [...]

24 hours a day 7 days a week, All Singing, All Dancing Show!
A lot of people ask me if I like my job. I instantly reply yes. They usually ask why? My response varies from day to day but on this new years eve I must say the reason why I love it is because [...]

I like interviewing webmasters from time to time to find out some info about them and their web businesses. Following is an interview with Mark Doust who runs a web forum for people with new web businesses. Some great advice in here that I think is valuable especially on how to get started. Very [...]

I can appreciate that marketers are starting to understand that people are going online and visiting their companies website. So what the marketer does is build a website or redesigns it. Then they feel like they are marketing online because they have built a website.
Here is the story. Happy marketer gets fed up with everyone [...]

Nasty website of the day!

This is a tragdey of a website.
This is direct from 1998 to your very own web browser. The intense flash. The background images. The text animations. Hey this guy just learnt flash and sold it to this poor client as the latest and greatest. Unfortunately now the website looks like a dog’s breakfast.
This company is [...]

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