Fred chats with the team from Real Estate Talk about the new Finder App and how it can help consumers take control of their data and get a better deal from the banks.
Fred and Ricardo from the Innovator Diaries talk in depth about leadership and the challenge of being “ruthless with a heart”.
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Fred sits down with Craig of the You Project for a raw and vulnerable discussion about Fred’s relationship with money, his parenting style, self-awareness, quarantine saving, and his three tips for starting a business.  Check out the summary here.
Fred dials in to speak with John North of the Evolvepreneur Podcast about his goal to make Finder the ‘Amazon of Comparison’.
On the How to Money podcast, Fred speaks with host Kate about the details of open banking in Australia and how consumers can take control of their data to get a better deal.
Fred and Louisa talk all things marketing on the Interactive Minds Podcast. Fred explains how he organises his time, embraces failure and sets a clear vision for the future of Finder.
Fred chats with Clayton from the XY podcast about Finder’s ‘direct to market’ business model, the challenges of catering to different consumer personalities and the future of cryptocurrency.
Fred swings past for a chat with Tim of The Make it Happen Show, to talk about what it means to be a serial entrepreneur, the challenges of scaling culture, and taking Finder global.
Fred and Peter Switzer of The Switzer Show discuss the origin of Finder and what inspired Fred to launch, a cryptocurrency brokerage which traded $100 million in its first year.