Given today’s media consumption habits, it is essential to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to online. But are you getting the most from your investment?Working with an online marketing expert ensures you use the right mix of tactics for each campaign. These could include:

Banner advertising
Pay-per-click advertising
Blog marketing
Article marketing
Email marketing
Viral marketing
promotional websites and
Search [...]

Census can be viral too!

I like the census. Something about filling out a form with no wrong answers. Everything is valid data and interesting to someone. I am not sure how this viral craze started but have you heard of the Jedi Knight religion in Australia? Well some smart cookie figured out that you need 10,000 people to acknowledge [...]

Foshizzle your webizzle with Gizoogle

Okay, I don’t know what I just said. Apparently some poeople dig that kind of speak. So much so that someone’s invented a little website called Gizoogle.
It translates text on a website into this “izzle” language.
But after you’ve had a couple of laughs and passed it onto your friends, you’ll notice that this is probably [...]

I love games! Especially viral ones. They just enthuse me and keep me entertained for hours. I am not sure how long I played that DHL one with Santa and how he had to keep trying to get the presents into the DHL car. I would play it now if I knew the link. I [...]

Viral campaign thats just a little doodle! really liked this viral and thought it will work really. The key with virals is to make it something that is just down right different and special. Games have been done but something like the one above is brilliant.


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