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How to use Video in Your Online Marketing

I gave a talk at the AIMIA event “The Future of Video Online“. My talk was on “How to use Video in Your Online Marketing”. For everyone who attended I have posted my slides up on the link below.

Download my slides
How to use Video in Your Online Marketing

I had a number of examples I showed in my presentation which are all accessible on YouTube or other websites. Here are some:

Pronto Condoms – A great example of using video for product demonstrations
Chevy Tahoe Paradoy video – An example of putting your brand out there and getting bitten
Tyson Ibeles Sony Ad – An example of putting your brand out there and it being loved
Telecome NZ Ad – Emotion packed into video


Brookers, the video blog star on Youtube goes commercial!

Ok I found Brookers from some random surfing and I have got to say that she makes some totally cool videos. My favourite one was this:

If you dont know about Brookers she is a girl who has made some herself kinda famous through YouTube. She has 18,998 subscribers to her video feed! Most of her videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 times! My favourite video of hers has only been viewed 524,061 times. (Only…)

Her videos got snapped up by a big time Hollywood producer and ever since then has started getting into some commercial acting.

Here is one of her latest gigs with NBC. You have to view her video clip to find the url. Essentially she is judging a video blog contest where entrants have to send in videos of them completing contests like teaching your grand mother to get on the internet and surf around.

I would like to call this an internet personality or perhaps “Internet Star”. I really like how she endorses YouTube so much and I also like how she makes fun of boring peoples video blog diaries.

I am thinking of converting to a video format so that I can show you more things. I am looking into purchasing a webcam (a decent one!) to get started.

I am going to be recommending video blogs to many of our clients going forward. The strategy is going to be simple. Video sells better than copy. If you would like to work with Freestyle Media on your video blog strategy email me


Treat Googlebot just like a normal user

I have found some very interesting videos from Matt Cutts vlog. Ok for the noob:

1. Noob = New person to something
2. Matt Cutts = The Google Blogger that all the SEO guys listen to and read because he actually works at Google and what he has to say most of the time is what everyone knows but he does drop a couple of little snippets of gold in there every now and again.
3. vlog = Video blog. Videos instead of words.

Matt Cuts Vlog

Matt here talks about treating Googlebot just like an ordinary user. Now that stuck with me and I thought. What type of user? There are many users in my mind. The Geek with 1 million windows open and knows how to navigate from page to page finding the content they want and need. Compare this with the 52 year old who understands how to use the mouse and can click some buttons but give them a drop down navigation and they can’t find the content you want to give them.

Anyone got any ideas on what Matt was inferring here?

Fred Schebesta