I gave a talk at the AIMIA event “The Future of Video Online“. My talk was on “How to use Video in Your Online Marketing”. For everyone who attended I have posted my slides up on the link below.
Download my slidesHow to use Video in Your Online Marketing
I had a number of examples I showed [...]

Ok I found Brookers from some random surfing and I have got to say that she makes some totally cool videos. My favourite one was this:
If you dont know about Brookers she is a girl who has made some herself kinda famous through YouTube. She has 18,998 subscribers to her video feed! Most of her [...]

I have found some very interesting videos from Matt Cutts vlog. Ok for the noob:
1. Noob = New person to something2. Matt Cutts = The Google Blogger that all the SEO guys listen to and read because he actually works at Google and what he has to say most of the time is what everyone [...]


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