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Video Marketing David Ogilvy Style

Thank you to Efrain for finding this superb video by David Ogilvy. I love the straight up no fuss way Ogilvy says it. I would also have to agree that if you substituted the words words “Direct Marketing” for “Online Marketing” although I would leave the “Direct Response” words in there to call David our Ambassador of Online Marketing. Give this video to your branding colleagues for a laugh at least.

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Microsoft Online marketing Video marketing

What is the secret to online marketing when technology changes come so fast?

Is Your Online Marketing Becoming Obsolete? Have you seen Microsoft Surface? If not spend 1 minute and be wowed by their video demonstrations. Microsoft Surface Videos So where does that leave your online marketing? Should you start researching how you are going to market to this new platform? Is your online marketing obsolete? Where does it fit in your online marketing strategy? I would suggest leave it the same place it was before. With new…

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