• Run – English bay and Stanley park. I ran around the bay at like 9:30pm at night and it was incredible. The view of the lights and the buildings and the bridges is incredible. I saw a full moon over the main buildings when I ran back the other way. The natural beauty is great around there, it feels a bit like you are running through a forrest and the shoreline is on the other side. Its a great spot to have a picnic or even a first or second date!

Places to Drink

  • Peckinpah – Carolina style BBQ food. Ribs look and smell amazing. Very cool vibe – Corner of Carrall St
  • Lamplighter – Cool pinball machines and nice big open space for having some drinks.
  • Chill Winston – Cool bar

Notes on drinking in Canada:

  • A bloody Mary is called a Bloody Caesar. They call it that because they have Clamato which actually has clam juice in it aswell as Tomato juice. Some people are turned off that but I personally couldnt tell the difference.

Places to eat

  • Peaceful Chinese – Northern Style chinese – Dumplings and all the good and proper chinese food. Not American / Canadian style chinese that has lost its chinese authenticity. I love chinese food personally! (map)
  • The twisted fork – French style comfort food. The French toast stuffed with banana is awesome. The bloody Caesars look good too.
  • The Templeton – Diner – Super cheap – Good for breakfast but the lunch menu is terrible.
  • Joe’s Diner – American style diner. Cheap and good food. Open only till 4pm and they are ruthless with the time.
  • Dunns Famous Sandwiches - Big Deli style sandwiches – These things look incredible!

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