Bali Holiday Curation – Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu



Sea Circus

  • Breakfast, very cafe like in Sydney but with a very Fresh vibe.
  • Dinner was ok, they have mexican and modern international foods.
  • The drinks menu is off the dial, margaritas, The POW WOW! served in a milk bottle is very very strong and good!
  • They now have a little ice cream bar!
  • Its a very busy street and a little difficult to park at.

La Plancha

  • This is the original beach bar but there seems to be a lot of copycats that have sprung up next door that offer a similar level of service, bean bags, drinks and food if you want to dine.
  • To get to this area is a little difficult and I suggest heading down a road called Sixty Six. Its a very famous road and taxis and drivers will know this one. At the bottom of 66 head to the right and you will see a series of restaurants on the beach. I suggest to drive all the way to the end of this street until you hit the walkway, park there and then walk to the restaurants.
  • This is a bar on the beach that is amazing night drinks spot.

Earth Cafe

  • Raw and organic food, amazing drinks and a supermarket


  • High High end quality indonesian.
  • Drink the polish donkey and the Surong smash
  • Owner is the guy that owns Longrain in Sydney. “Will”

Warung Mades

  • Indonesian food but touristy, but relatively clean.
  • Great vibe, big place. Good stop over and easy eating.

Warung Murah

  • 99, Sixty Six street
  • Name actually means “Cheap Restaurant”. Cheap indonesian food, but fast and good experience right on a hustly little street.

Hotel Mexicola

  • Tacos and stuff! Good drinks. Owner is the same as the guys from bucket list in Bondi.

Meixcan Cantina

  • Opposite Mantra club
  • Good cheeky tacos and nachos
  • Cheeky bite on the way home perhaps?

La Lucciola

  • Right on the beach
  • Amazing view
  • Great food
  • Breakfast is so tidy

Massage Spots

  • Chill Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Quality on the feet

Places to Stay


  • Great location
  • Big hotel in the middle of rice paddies
  • Still quite new.
  • Pool right in the middle
  • Breakfast each morning
  • You can get rooms which back straight onto the pool, so you can walk out your door and jump in the pool.
  • Has a gym.
  • Might be best with Scooters as there is quite a long road to walk down off the main road.

(Chelsea has the name of the place??)

  • Pools connecting everywhere together
  • Solid location
  • Crazy 3 bedroom villa



Betal Nut Cafe

  • Oragnic Amazing vibe and drinks!! A MUST!

Ecco Beach

  • Sit on the beach and have cray seafood

Places to Party


  • Pretty cray party outdoors



Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3

Soma Soma

  • Organic drinks and cafe. Raw cakes and food.
  • Play music and sing in the actual restaurant.
  • Owner: Johnny – plays the digery doo


  • Raw food
  • Super healthy drinks
  • Owner – Same owner of Yoga Barn

Batan Warung


Places to Stay

The Purist

  • Villas very nice


Places to stay

“Key is to find a place with view a from your room”

Mu Villas, Bakery and Yoga

I met Jermone (pronounced Ge-Rome “With a bit of a french accent”) who owns the place. He seemed like a good guy and quite chilled. I didnt actually stay at Mu but went and had a look at it. It is tucked away down a street which is near to Mick’s place. It has its own bakery in the back of it which is very well priced for the neat bakery treats which they sell! Brioche, Chocolate Croissants, Croissants and fresh baguettes. They also have yoga on site which is quite good. The accommodation itself looked a little tired but it would be quite relaxing if you wanted to just chill out in your villa. It is like 1 massive big estate with a load of little villas throughout it. There is a special exit out the back of the place that leads down to the beach. The view itself from the edge of the place looks amazing!

Micks place

Stayed at the honeymoon suite and it was absolutely amazing. You could chill there for quite a few days and do nothing. There is a passage through the back of Mick’s that leads down to the beach.

Uluwatu Cliff Apartments

Bali Private Drivers

  • – Adi is the boss himself and he organises his drivers for you. I used them in 2012 and found them to be really nice, professional and actually take you to where you want to go.
  • – Made is amazing. He even bought me a SIM card with a bit of credit so that we could text and be in contact throughout the day. He seems to have been recommended quite a bit on Bali Tripadvisor Driver Recommended lists.
  • – Sanny seems to be well recommended too. I will try him out.

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