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The Frugal Fight Club: How to stay lean and fight hard to win

3 to 4 times a year I go on a cancelation spree. I hack and slash everything, including the things I ‘think’ I ‘need’. This allows me to figure out which things I truly need, and which things I’m comfortable to do without. Each time my pain threshold grows stronger, and as a result I live a minimalist life. Staff at finder have to come on the journey with me and have learned to accept…

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Career Staffing

Tips for getting a job at my company

Today I received a resume, I was excited as the person had an engineering background. Tip #1 – Write the most amazing cover letter to me. I am going to read that first. I usually read it and may not even read your resume if your cover letter is drivel. I will look to see the following: Research my company and what it does. Write how you could add value to it. Write well. If…

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