When to fire your Web Design company

A lot of people ask me what makes the business Freestyle Media different from other web design companies. I will tell you an analogy to explain this. Ask yourself right now and be brutally honest, Do you have a brochure website or is it a marketing tool? Have you just wacked up a site and hoped for the best. If you work with a web design company they will build you a website without a single regard for how you are going to get traffic.

“Web designers are builders NOT marketers.”

Its like if you get an engineer to build you a house. They dont care what it looks like that is the architects job. The engineer if they had their way would make the whole thing 1 story and plonk all of the rooms together to make them as structurally sound as possible. With your website you dont want the most technically sound website you want one that brings in the most traffic and makes the most sales. Get an online marketing agency to build your site if you are a marketer not a web design company nor an advertising agency.

3 quick ways to tell if you are working with an Online Marketing Agency or a Web Design company

  1. No keyword recommendations – If your company isnt providing you with keyword recommendations before you build your website fire them. That is like building a super market and not knowing where the people live. If your site isnt setup for attracting visitors to your website from the beginning you will be forking out for retrofittings from search engine optimisers to make it attract visitors.
  2. None of their websites rank well in the search engines – Browse their portfolio and see where the sites rank in the search engines. No rankings… fire them.
  3. They can’t code in CSS and xHTML – If your agency cant code in CSS and xHTML fire them. There is no point coding in tables as opposed to CSS and xHTML as it will cost you the same amount. Choose the premium way to code and get the piece of mind that you won’t be retrofitting your site with SEO addons.

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