Search engine changes to blog #2

I have found the blog in the engines!
Google position

9th rank. I think because there is not enough links pointing to the website for the keyword online marketing sydney it is not getting good enough results.

I am going to make these modifications:

  1. Change the title to “online marketing sydney Fred Schebesta”
  2. I dont think there is enough copy on the website and enough pages to surf to. I.e. a sitemap would be ideal. I am going to move this blog to a different blog system that allows categories. Right now I am looking at because its in PHP.
  3. Register the blog with the major directories including and some others. I have previously submitted the website to the search engines and I think this has given it its listings in Google.

And lets see how that goes. Got any suggestions or want to link to this site and help me? Comment away

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