Farm out your SEO and SEM dont do it…

A recent article in B2B talks about a key insight. “If the guy who is fixing your computer does your SEO and SEM as well you need to find yourself a specialist.”. I wholeheartedly agree because I am a search engine marketer myself. It has taken me 3 years to gain the knowledge I now have about search engines and this knowledge is gathered from all over the place. For some reason there is no course or book you can read about search engine optimisation that will tell you all the answers. This is because that information is worth more implemented by that person than sold to someone else.

I am really quite concerned about the interest in search engine marketing right now and how much big mainstream media agencies are struggling with the concept. They just have no idea. Its offending me. Big media agencies game is a volume game. They need to sell as much media as possible to make money.

I would never go to a big media agency to get a good Cost per click let alone a good cost per acquisition.

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