Creative ways to create backlinks

Backlinks are where it is at when it comes to search engine optimisation. Links pointing back to a website that is linking to you decreases the value of the link to your website.

Ingenious ways of creating backlinks to your website

  • Write a genuine testimonial about a web site or it’s products and leave your link in your signature.
  • Write an article with links pointing to your site that get’s published over and over.
  • Submit to niche online directories
  • Create link bait by putting an interesting tool on your web site that people will use such as a mortgage caluculator. People will link to that.
  • Write great content that people will link to.
  • Add a ‘link to us’ javascript code for your pages.
  • Add the famous ‘furl’,, etc link on the bottom of your web pages.
  • Add your web site to online classified ads such as
  • Create a website awards program

Email me if you want some more ideas or if you have some ideas.

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