Brand vs Search ROUND 2

I have been kicking this around within Freestyle and I think we are on the verge of a bit of a revolution in website design. Before I saw websites like this to be cool:

But now I think those websites are just a big show that no ones watching. People used to be wide eyed and all wowed by that stuff. But now people are getting more into the content of websites. Who cares what the images and stuff does. I want your website to tell me exactly what I want to know. I want your website to know what I am looking for. Tell me now or im leaving. Im outa here. I want to search in Google for a term, find a web page that is deadset exactly relevant to it or I am closing your web page down. You have 1 second. Most users dont persist much further than the first look of the website.

I get nothing out of the above site. I think its a concept in some creative guys head that looks good if you watch it. But this aint no tv commercial, its not a powerpoint presentation. This is a website. We’re not here to be wowed by images. We will just go to google images, national geographic or if your super extreme you go to

My partner Frank Restuccia put it succinctly “Search that looks good.” I.e. a website that is search engine optimised to the hilt but also looks really good.

The saga continues…

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