Why start a search engine marketing campaign?
Buying traffic for the sake of buying traffic will send you broke. The reason is because it isn’t targeted, so you will only get people coming to your website that just leave. Buying just any traffic is like putting up a T.V. ad, you are shooting millions of arrows [...]

This morning I typed in Colorado into the search engine hoping to browse their lovely website and catalogue. I was absolutely shocked when I saw the second listing in Google:
“webstore is closing” – this was followed by a website which was an email folder which lead to a broken link.

The website itself at present has [...]

Ask your Search Engine Marketing Questions Now!
I had a great time talking at the Sydney seminar for ANTOR. I was fielding a lot of questions in regards to Google Adwords and I think this might be an opportunity for everyone to ask away. So if you have a question post it as a comment and [...]

Search Engine Room slides

Thank you to everyone who listened to my talk at the Search engine room yesterday. I thought I would post up my slides for you to review. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to comment and I will reply to them.
Keyword Discovery With Latent Sematic Indexing.ppt
Let me know what you think.

Search Engine Summit Conference

Listen to me at The Search Engine Summit Conference
As you can probably tell, I’m really ramping up my speaking engagements this year.
In March I will be presenting at the Search Summit – the Australian search marketing conference.
Personally I’m excited to be part of a line-up which includes guys from Google, SEO, 24×7 Real Media and [...]

I am not normally this excited but this blew me away! ChaCha is a human search engine where a person does the searching for you. I felt bad using the service asking the person to go and find things and off they went searching through google. It was very kind of them as I asked [...]


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Life Goal
My Mission is to help you make positive changes in your life, by doing that, maybe in some small way, I will help you achieve all that you ever wanted to be.