How to start a search engine marketing campaign

Why start a search engine marketing campaign?
Buying traffic for the sake of buying traffic will send you broke. The reason is because it isn’t targeted, so you will only get people coming to your website that just leave. Buying just any traffic is like putting up a T.V. ad, you are shooting millions of arrows out to try and hit a prospect. The answer to not wasting your money is to target specific users and prequalify your traffic.

Target specific users – Market to people who are interested in your product. Michael Kiely taught me to “Fish where the fish are”. I took out of that advertise where people are looking for your products. Search engine marketing targets the people who are interested in your products because the visitor types in what they are searching for. The user makes their intentions clear that they are searching for “a way to save my marriage”, keyword typed in = “Save Marriage Book”. Before the user goes to your website they tell you what products they want to see. If your product matches what they want to see you can easily market your product to them.

Prequalify your audience – Buying advertising on a performance basis is a great start but you still don’t want to be paying for traffic that is not sent to your website for the right reason. Getting a user to do something like typing in a query makes the traffic more qualified. Users actually have to search for your ads.

I recommend buying search engine marketing traffic as the first thing to do. The reason is that you can keep your budgets low, ($100 per month) and you can keep the campaign small and manageable to determine what results you get.

How to start your search engine marketing campaign to get instant traffic

Step 1 – Choose your search engine: I recommend starting with Google because it accounts for around 70% of the Australian search engine market traffic. Yahoo and Ninemsn each account for around 12% each and the minor other search engines account for the remainder.
Below is a snapshot from one of my clients websites that shows you the % of traffic they get from each of the search engines.

You can see from the above results that Google is the big Gorilla in the Australian search space so I always recommend you optimise first for it and buy Adwords first. After that consider Yahoo and Ninemsn.

Step 2 – Setup your campaign on Google
I have put a guide together to help you in 7 steps get your site live on google. Just go to and follow the steps.
To begin you will need the following:

  1. A website – You need somewhere to send the traffic you will get from the search engine.
  2. A credit card – This is to pay for your ads.
Start your search marketing campaign now

How to avoid search engines telling customers things you…

This morning I typed in Colorado into the search engine hoping to browse their lovely website and catalogue. I was absolutely shocked when I saw the second listing in Google:

“webstore is closing” – this was followed by a website which was an email folder which lead to a broken link.

google search for colorado

The website itself at present has no content, and you can’t browse to that folder. Google has slipped through the cracks of the website and has found some content that it feels is important. If I were Colorado I would be concerned as to what links are lurking in the rest of their website!

3 ways to search engine optimise your website so that spiders don’t find your skeletons

  1. Add the pages and folders you don’t want visible in search engines to your robots.txt file eg:
    Disallow: /admin-access/
    Disallow: /cms-login/
  2. Make sure that pages like CMS login, administrator access etc that should only be accessible to the webmaster are not linked to from anywhere on your site.
  3. Use your Google Webmaster tools account to submit a URL removal request
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ANTOR talk – Thank you to all the attendees…

Ask your Search Engine Marketing Questions Now!

I had a great time talking at the Sydney seminar for ANTOR. I was fielding a lot of questions in regards to Google Adwords and I think this might be an opportunity for everyone to ask away. So if you have a question post it as a comment and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

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Search Engine Summit Conference

Listen to me at The Search Engine Summit Conference

As you can probably tell, I’m really ramping up my speaking engagements this year.

In March I will be presenting at the Search Summit – the Australian search marketing conference.

Personally I’m excited to be part of a line-up which includes guys from Google, SEO, 24×7 Real Media and News Limited’s Digital Media arm. We’ll be exploring all nooks and crannies on how to get the most from your search engine strategies.

Unlike past Australian search Events this one is focused on delivering content not just to novices but is also offering high level strategies to media savvy pros who already have their toes in the water.

As you know, I believe your search engine position is one of the most highly valuable online marketing tools in your arsenal. We industry bods are getting together to ensure we are making the most of the offerings in our market. Hope to see you there.

For more details or to register for the seminar, visit

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Live Human Search Engine ChaCha

I am not normally this excited but this blew me away! ChaCha is a human search engine where a person does the searching for you. I felt bad using the service asking the person to go and find things and off they went searching through google. It was very kind of them as I asked them to find me some forumlas on “Latent semantic indexing Mathmatical formulas”. It was very kind of them to find me stuff and I feel guilty that I was that lazy to use the service.

I see this as an interesting step in humanity where not only can we not be bothered to read through books for information we now get other humans to go and find it for us.

Let me know your experience with the service.