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I want to tell you a story about how this blog came about. I was jumping around on the web looking at our competitors (as you do), and I kinda came to the conclusion that I have a lot to offer the online marketing industry and needed some way to get it out there. At the time I also was speaking with Des Walsh a blog guru. I attended a talk by himself and some of his other colleagues. I wanted to understand this blog phenominon and get into it. After attending this talk and being shown the way of the future I was absolutely convinced to get myself a blog happening. I tickled around with Blogger at first and put my toe in. My old blog is a bit of a relic hibernating on Blogspot (link). I decided after blogging for a while to get some search engine optimisation happening on it. I totally dig search engine optimisation. Its kinda my hobby and also my profession. I like analysing Google and seeing how it reacts. I create little experiments and trials and test what happens. I have started to blog about the changes I made to the site in actual entries. I was super happy when the blog got listed in the search engines and just recently was given a pagerank of 4.

Ever since I started getting some traction and traffic in the engines I have doubled my efforts with the blog and tried to make it a superior resource for online marketers in Sydney.

Following are the current issues I am running into with this blog:

  1. What content do you want to read about? – Even with my best judgements I have really not had very much feedback about the blog and I am struggling to know what direction and part you would like me to write about. I strongly encourage you to post a comment or email me and I will dedicate myself to a topic area for 12 posts.
  2. Signups to my mailing list – I am not sure if people want to receive the blogs in a newsletter format or if they would prefer to just browse in and read the blogs. Let me know what you would prefer.
  3. Any other feedback – I am also keen to hear what people think of the blog. I am trying to help and educated online marketers and will do my utmost best to figure out what you want to hear about and which direction you want me to take.

Keen on suggestions,

Fred Schebesta

Blogging and blog marketing

“Online marketing sydney” search engine marketing case study #1

I have decided to give my blog a bit of meaningful credit and try and get my blog into the search engines and start getting some traffic to it.

Pagerank = zero/10

Right now my blog has zero pagerank with Google. This means that not many people are linking to it and Google doesnt consider it a valuable website. I need to rectify this. The way I am going to do this is by getting websites with pagerank to link to my blog. I have requested a link be created from the Freestyle Media (PR 5) website to my blog. I am keen to put this link in the sitemap page of the Freestyle Media website.

Last 25 words
The last 25 words of content need to contain you keyword. I have added a footer paragraph today which contains the keywords “Online marketing sydney”. Lets see how that performs. I have also added a link back to the homepage in the footer.

Most of my techniques and ideas are either self developed or I have learnt them from the USA. We will track this performance with the engines and see how we go?

Search engine changes to blog #2
Search engine optimisation changes #3


Search engine optimisation tip #2 – Pagerank

Pagerank is a concept developed by Larry Page one of the founders of Google. Essentially Larry was trying to find a way to categorise all of the university papers and doctrines into some sort of importance. He used the concept that if a paper referenced another paper it would mean that the paper that had been referenced was important. The more papers that referenced that paper the more important and credible it was. In the same way the papers that these papers referenced gained importance in the same way. And so on. Thus if a paper that was very important made reference to another paper this would be worth more in the scale of things. Larry essentially needed to crunch some serious numbers and that is where his partner Sergey Brin comes in. Sergey was the mathmatician who worked out an algorithm to crunch this problem down and make some sense of it.

Thus they then replaced these doctrines with the entire web and references with links and crunched the entire web universe down. They then stored this data and displayed it as you see it today.

Thus Pagerank (Larry Pagerank) is all about the number of websites that link to your website. Aswell as a ranking of how those websites that link to you are. I.e. depending on the pagerank of the websites that link to you this will determine your pagerank.

How to use this info:
1. Get more websites to link to you that have high pagerank.
2. Get more links (references) to your website.

Need more info just email or comment.