Yes, Its 1:13am! But I have to tell you…

If you have subscribed to this blog and have committed to this blog then disregards what I am about to say.

1. Do You Know how you can use online marketing?

Have you checked recently how many people go online vs go and check their mailbox. If not. Here are some stats for you.

2. Welcome to online marketing. I have bad news for you. People have already been where you have been and you need a serious crash course to catch up.

3. Don’t worry. What you learnt offline can be applied online. If you have something of value people are going to check you out. If not. Try again.

4. By the way the online marketing dream is dying. Yes! People are crouding every single internet marketing niche. No more sending out random spam letters to people hoping 0.01% of people will respond. 6 other companies in your exact niche are about to do it. Hey, I am being extreme and there are still some niches open, but take some action, stop ignoring online marketing.

5. If you have need help call 02 9818 7300. Ask for Fred Schebesta.

Looking for some ADMA Forum slides?

Download 5 ways to supercharge your online marketing.

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