What works well online

I have lots of questions and thoughts about what companies actually work online. My answer to this is really based upon objectives and definition of what you mean by works.

Products that work well online are usually ones that dont need to be seen or felt or touched or tried on etc.. low human interaction is required. Good examples of this are:

  • Books (Amazon)
  • Computers (Dell, newegg.com, techbuy)
  • Credit cards (Virgin Money)
  • Pharmaceuticals (www.yourchemistshop.com.au)
  • Flowers (Roses only)
  • gift baskets (www.thebasketcase.com.au )
  • Insurance (HCF, NIB, NRMA, QBD)
  • Real Estate (realestate.com.au)
  • Cars (carsales)
  • Second hand goods and auctions (ebay)
  • Music (mp3.com.au, hmv, virginmega.com)
  • DVD rental (netflix)
  • Mortgages (aussies, wizard)
  • Software (sourceforge)
  • Newspapers (news.com.au, smh, ninemsn)
  • Dating (rsvp, match.com, lavalife)
  • Pornography and sex toys (… too many .. adultshop)
  • Gambling (Pokerparty, Betfair)
  • Perfume
  • Jobs (careerone)
  • Stock trading (etrade, all banks commsec, westpac, st george)
  • electronics (xbox, tvs, dvd, cameras)
  • Digital photo processing
  • Travel (lastminute, expedia, .. too many.. this is huge.)
  • Internet access
  • Web hosting (Webcentral, ozhosting)
  • Jewellery
  • Swimwear and lingerie
  • Games (Software and real life)
  • Free stuff (emailcash)
  • Distress inventory (lastminute,Overstock)
  • Cosmetics (strawberrynet)
  • Ringtones and other mobile (blueskyfrog, jamster)

There are many more categories and many more to be added.

Some key criteria which I think work well are but are not necessarily require to be together:

  1. Customer need information about the product
  2. Customers are price conscious if you have the best price online customers will buy it.
  3. The product is digital in nature or primarily based on technology
  4. The product is information. Reports, ebooks etc..

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