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A lot of people ask me if I like my job. I instantly reply yes. They usually ask why? My response varies from day to day but on this new years eve I must say the reason why I love it is because of my love of the internet. “I LOVE INTERNET” should be the shirt I should wear. What do I love about ther internet?

1. Its always on – Even on this new years eve people will be buying things, searching websites, chatting, blogging, browsing, hacking, transferring, downloading and playing online. Checkout your websites statistics even as the clock ticks over to that magical new year. My favourite experiences are when people purchase at that time. Send me a screenshot of your New Year Purchase!

2. Its Free – Apart from ISP costs the internet is free. In Sydney I am not sure if you have noticed but it has become offensive to drive around with the amount of tolls you have to pay. Its as if there is a driving tax. I much prefer to walk and ride my bike around local areas than pay up the big tolls. I cop the worst tolls too. I am one of the 30,000 people using the Cross City Tunnel. Yep. I go from Bondi to Balmain each day and it would be a nightmare if someone hadnt kindly built me a tunnel to travel the length of my entire destination. (Thank you Mr Hong Kong business man for spending 100 million just for my and the 29,999 other people.) I digress. This blog is Free. The information on it. Free. All the other wonderful services provided by the internet FREE FREE FREE.

3. Instant gratification – Unlike any other medium you can get it instantly on the internet. I love buying something and using it immediately. Its like your on one of those Datona games and you bust through a checkpoint and immediately your onto the next challenge. On the internet I buy something and immediately im using it and onto the next challenge.

4. Anonymouity – On the internet you can be anyone. I played Second Life for the first time in my life and it was amazing. I could change to be a girl or guy with the click of a button. I could fly, smoke, talk, eat, share, laugh all with other people and not say a word as to who I was or where I came from.

As a high usage consumer of the internet these are the things I love. How are you tapping into these facits of a high user of the internet on your website and through your internet marketing. If you can:

1. Ensure your website is on all the time – Get yourself a decent web hosting company if you dont already have your website up ALL the time. Email me if you like and I will sort you out.

2. Give something away for FREE – Give me something. Anything. But make it free and worthwhile. Give me more value than you would normally receive if I didnt give away my personal details. I want a FREE report on the 10 most frequently travelled to destinations around Australia, give me 7 ways to save money with a low rate credit card or just give me a good review of your top 5 products.

3. Give it to them now – If your website requires human interaction your slowing the speed of gratification down. Give it to them when they want it i.e. when they buy it. The more you can automate the better. I know there is more cost and investment but plan for it. Scale up slowly. Ebay would die if it didnt give you instant gratification.

4. Dont make me tell you how many cats I have – If your asking too many personal questions your not letting me stay anonymous. If your giving away a free report let me put a random email address in. I know its not going to be as higher quality email database BUT your ebook or Free report should be good enough that they return back to your website. Let me make the choice of whether to return or not. Keep investing and improving your materials and you will see those repeat visitors coming back anonymously but with their wallets open.

How else do you feed the internet addicts?

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