Set Your 2007 Internet Marketing Objectives

Is 2007 the year where you Finally use Your Website and Market Online?

Why plan your online marketing for 2007?

Setting Goals and Achieving them
– So another year has past and what did you achieve with your online marketing in 2006? Did you want to change your website more often than you did? I will let you in on a secret. You didn’t have a plan. Just like you plan to run specific campaigns and events you need to plan and schedule in time to manage and modify your internet marketing. Its like reporting on sales, set time aside to modify and update your website.

Set yourself some objectives this year and make more sales over the Internet. If you don’t know what objectives to set get an internet marketing consultant like me I’ll sort you out. Here are some suggestions on what objectives to set:

1. Unique visits – Set yourself a target for the number of unique visitors you want to get to the website. I would suggest that you make it more than last year although keep in mind that an increase in quality targeted traffic is better than an increase in general traffic. I.e. get more interested prospects coming to your website as opposed to tire kickers.

2. Sales – Set yourself a sales target or a lead generation target. I know the feeling of not knowing what number to set but just put it in your mind and strive for it. Tell your team. Tell your agency. Tell me. I have found that when I set pie in the sky targets and inform everyone about them and keep reminding everyone about them we hit the target.

3. Search Engine Rank – Where do you want to be placed for your major keywords? Have you got a 12 month search engine marketing strategy in place? SEO has become very important with Google now implementing all of their LSI and other tricky ways of discovering keyword stuffing and link baiting. I would suggest a consistent rigorous application of website changes, keyword research, copywriting and content creation and tool creation a must have for any search marketing plan.

How to set an online marketing plan for 2007?

The smart people who are reading this are thinking how can they take action?

If you need some help with creating your 12 month online marketing plan contact myself at Freestyle Media for a 1 day consultancy for $1,150. This day will include:

Strategy – Establish your online marketing strategy. Where are the opportunities? Where is your target online? What are you going to do to entice them to your website? What are you going to do once they are on your website?

Metrics – Establish your online marketing metrics. Get the right software in place. Analyse your past efforts. Improve and enhance what has worked in the past.

Search Engine Marketing – Create a 12 month search marketing plan frame work. Where you are currently ranked? What are your keywords? Where do you want to be for what keywords?

Is Doubt Holding You Back?
It doesn’t have to. Here’s my iron-clad guarantee:

If 1 day of consultancy with Fred Schebesta doesn’t make your feel at least ten times better than what you did in 2006, contact me within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

Don’t feel like you do now at the end of 2007 contact Fred Schebesta now!

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