Preview what your meta description and title tag will…

Found this awesome tool that will help you put together your meta description and title tags.

I am not sure of the research yet but I think a 70 character title tag might be the most optimal size to get click through rate in Google. If you go longer your title tag gets shortened and if you go shorter you are losing real estate.

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  • Kevin Stirtz

    Hi Fred – Thanks for having this tool available. It’s helps when word-smithing title tags. Sometimes it’s helpful to see it “live” before deciding exactly what to go with. well done sir!

  • SB InboundBay

    I have to admit I use your tool for each audit I do for my clients! It’s easy to get a preview of the meta title and description, thanks for this Fred!


  • admin

    Thank you. Let me know what other improvements you would like.

  • Brodco

    Thanks for providing such a useful tool

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