Online marketing agency vs Chop Shop

Whats the difference between a professional online marketing agency and a chop shop when it comes to your online marketing? Whats the difference?

Chop shop (Your down the road supplier working from their bedroom floor. Some of the big advertising agencies use these guys and mark their services up. Most marketers cant tell the difference between a well built webiste until they feel the pain down the track. I have noticed that this is slowly changing and marketers are realising advertising agencies are good at advertising not online.)


  • Cheap (In the short term. But more expensive in the lifetime of your website)
  • Get the job done
  • Less documentation


  • No search engine rank for website that is developed
  • Unreliable; are they going to be there in a few weeks? What will happen to your online marketing?
  • Thinks that the website is just means to an end.
  • Code is not scalable and cannot be cost effectively maintained nor upgraded.
  • Difficult to modify website
  • Strange errors keep appearing.
  • No documentation means no formalisation of what you are actually getting.

Online marketing agency (Professional online marketers. They know the value of a visitor and how much it costs to get them there and they know exactly what to do with them when they are on your website to make that cash register ring.)


  • Gives you good search engine rank
  • Ensures your website coding is viewable on all browsers
  • Knows and works with you on your website to turn it into a sales tool
  • Cost effective since work that is done doesnt need to be redone; website is scalable and can be built upon. Less investment required in the future to maintain and upgrade website
  • Documentation of what is to be delivered.


  • More expensive in the short term (initial outlay is larger but cheaper in the longterm.)

Keen on your ideas.

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