Online Markeitng Review: Surin Restaurant

Tim from Surin Restaurant in Ramsgate, Kent in the UK has asked me to do a review of his online marketing.

Surin Restaurant website –
The Surin Restaurant has A LOT of websites and online activities going on. They have:

Now that to me is an impressive amount of online marketing platforms for a restaurant. But Tim unfortunately with all of your properties that are out there I have to cut this praise short and give you some comments.

Your web properties are not updated or are lacking content. The blog especially needs content. The Restaurant store is superb and the club is a great concept although I just dont have an immediate reason as to why I would want to signup. Give me a reason like group booking bonus bottle of champagne since this is the kind of business you want. Large orders looking to spend lots of money on alcohol (high margin).

I also want to see more search engine marketing. I cant seem to find you on
Thai Restaurant in Google.

I have signed up to the club and we will see what kinds of offers I get?

0.5 / 5 – Good start to the marketing and ideas but needs some delivery and updates.

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