How to Solution Sell with online marketing

So you want to sell something from your webpage? Do you want to get your user to take some sort of action? Well your going to have to sell it to them in a way that they understand.

There are 4 steps in selling anything (real estate, entreprise IT, cars, vacuum cleaner..) it doesnt matter what the service is everyone buys in the same way.

4 steps to selling on a webpage

1. Need – Establish the need of the user. “Do you want to stop wasting your money with phony print advertisements and start making sales with online marketing?” The need for the user to get into online marketing and start making more and better sales has been established.

2. Solution – Now that you have that need, I have a solution for you. “The easiest way to learn about online marketing is to attend the Fred Schebesta seminar. You will learn ..” Provide a solution to the persons need (sometimes called problem) and by some fluke your solution is the service that you provide.

3. Reason – Give me a good reason as to why I should do that? “One good reason why you should learn from Fred Schebesta’s online marketing seminar is you will be able to increase your sales effectiveness and conversion rate of your website.” The reason as to why you should buy my solution, to your problem.

4. Benefit – The benefit to you of doing this. “The benefit of this to you is that you will decrease your marketing costs and also be able to target a new online user base.” The benefit of fixing your problem, with my solution.

Answer each of these 4 items in detail and communicate them clearly and you have yourself a well presented sale. Whether or not someone buy depends on how well you targetted your message to your audience and whether that person has that problem.

I read a famous salesperson who came upon a customer, he said “Hi Mark, are you satisfied with your printing company and could we be of any assistance?”
Customer, “No, we are fine.”
The salesman, “Would you say you are satisfied?”
The Salesman, “Well here are 2 telephone numbers of my clients. Call them and ask them how they feel about their printing company. I am sure they will tell you that they are ecstatic! Now, could I have any opportunity to discuss how we can make you feel ecstatic about your printing company?”

The Salesman went on to make a sale and a retained customer for life.

How could you use this information in your business?

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