Fred, you're a salesman and you sell online marketing!

I just watched a DVD as I have been recovering from my recent trip to the hospital. No, I’m not going to die but I am having one interesting time recovering.

So there was one part in the movie that really opened my mind and made me realise something. In the movie there was an old guy and a young sales guy and they needed to save their job. So they made a final pitch to a client and they bought it! As they were walking out of their office complex the old salesman said, “Its good and it will help their business.”

Now, I am a salesman. Its my best skill. I can understand what a company is doing and communicate how our service will help them achieve that. What does that mean? Every single salesman says that. It means, “I know what we do. I know what you do. I know how to combine what we do and what you do to make it go faster, easier and more er”.

Great Fred you know how to sell. Good luck with that!

Well there is one difference about when I sell online marketing compared to anyone else and that is that I actually believe in it. I could sell ferraris, Jet Aeroplanes, Real estate anything really just give me a powerpoint, a product and a telephone. But I actually believe that online marketing can help corporate companies. I believe in it, just like the old guy selling in the movie. Not only do I believe that it will help our clients, I believe it will make the world a better place. Why?

  1. Enviro – I hate killing the environment (you will notice that if you hang around with me for a while) and so I prefer electronic communication over paper.
  2. Faster – Paper = slow, TV = slow I play fast. I am bored of the old ways because I am young and I want to conqueor the world and all that machiavellian stuff. Speed up and get your marketing online. Dont be like Goodman Fielder. Look at their boring website and feel the slow grinding pace of their marketing.
  3. Its the way of the future – I love the Aviator the movie. And all the print and TV marketers out there who will never get to read this blog because your boring, slow and your kill the environment, welcome to 2006.

If I annoyed you when you read this, good. Fight back. And if you have a comment post it.

Finally, if you want to get into online marketing and your a corporate marketer, contact me, or stick with your pieces of paper and the annoying things in between the tv shows and good songs on the radio.

What do you believe in?

Fred Schebesta

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