Here is a the presentation that I did in Colac last week to a great group of business people. Thank you all for your great support and I hope to visit Colac again soon.
This presentation is based off my article about the most important insights I had about starting I think I might write [...]

Found this awesome tool that will help you put together your meta description and title tags.
I am not sure of the research yet but I think a 70 character title tag might be the most optimal size to get click through rate in Google. If you go longer your title tag gets shortened and if [...]

There is one key thing all webpages need that will make you thousands of dollars every time. Its something so simple but can make or break your campaigns. Let me tell you a story before I let you in on the $10,000 secret.
Would HP leave money on the table?
I have been researching computers recently and [...]

I have a phrase that I use when I want to describe something as a little over the top and a little bit challenging to people. Generally if you are doing something and you are described as too aggressive its a good thing.

If you found a way to send out 1,000,000 emails for the same [...]

This presentation will help you get new traffic to your website.

Breaking through Online Marketing Business Plan Block
When I started my business everything I read, everyone I spoke to and my own logic told me that I needed to write a business plan. But I always struggled to write one. I never knew why until 5 years on, when I can look back with a bit [...]

Has your website traffic hit a plateau?

Let me tell you the story of how websites get built. You get all excited, you burst out of the starting blocks because finally you have decided to build a new website! Your team buys into the project, everyone is pitching in to get this project live. You are [...]

CommBank, Who is Your New Online Marketing Agency?
If you see the current banner campaign on SMH and a Commbank banner comes up you will notice a request to fill in your banking login details pops up over the screen. I almost filled in mine!
If I were the media agency for Commbank’s online marketing I would [...]

For many websites the Christmas/New Year period is a quiet time of year and most people managing them look back at how well they did in the last year.
Take advantage of this by looking forward. Try to predict upcoming trends for the new year and use these trends to build related content to attract visitors [...]

God created the internet to market your business online – get that firmly entrenched in your mind … and when he created it what he wanted you to have is thousands of visitors to your site.
To achieve this you’ll need a strategy to get quality traffic to your website and drive sales.
An effective online marketing [...]

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